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Netflix’s The Last Mercenary Review | Should We Skip It or Watch It?

Netflix’s The Last Mercenary came out on Netflix this past Friday, so should you watch this new Netflix Original? Well, In this article We’ve mentioned The Last Mercenary Review in detail, so let us bring that up so that you can decide whether to watch this film or not.

The Last Mercenary is Netflix’s all-new action-comedy film which involves the story of a dangerous yet overperforming secret agent. The movie involves this agent meeting and then teaming up with his 25 years old sheltered son for the upcoming mission.

The lead of The Last Mercenary, played by Van Damme, has truly justified the role, but the things didn’t go the same for the story hand in hand. The movie failed to impress the audience with the unsurprising nature of the jokes and the story’s familiarity.

Both these things make The Last Mercenary a dull watch; it isn’t like the film misses the comedy element, but the nature of the comedy involved won’t make you laugh out loud. Though, towards the end, the film picks up with few high kicks make the film somewhat interesting.

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The thing that made The Last Mercenary dull is that Van Damme is shown as the hero for his acts 30 years ago. Instead, the film must have focussed on what he is doing currently would have made more sense to the audience.

After all the dark films for a decade, the audience saw Van Damme in a new earnest role and thought the same with the film, but the thing isn’t like that, though you cannot deny that Van Damme made hundred percent justice to his role.

In this film, Richard Brumere meets and later teams up with his 25-year-old son in this film. There is a disproportionate focus on both the characters; the shuffle between both is so rigorous that you don’t wish to continue with the film anymore. At this point, you might probably think to watch Van Damme’s older dark films.

Review- Netflix’s The Last Mercenary
The Last Mercenary Movie Stills-via Netflix

Also, the major element of an action-comedy film is a comedy that is ruined by the unsparing jokes made in the film, these jokes won’t make you laugh, and the heaps of leftovers from the capers seem to e dumped into this movie with nothing newness to it.

It would not be less than a sin to compare The Last Mercenary with 2016’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which though lasted only for one season, but the way the persona of Van Damme as an agent presented here surely didn’t stand anywhere when compared to this film.

With too many gags involved in the film, the film somewhat stales stakes with a supporting cast with a decent presence. The comedy film doesn’t remain rewarding and warm. You would surely wonder why the film has been labeled as a comedy-action film because the basic essence of primary humor is certainly missing up in the film. The film turns a valiant sputter with only the action element left regarding what genre is labeled as.

We would recommend that the film is only good for only a one-time watch.

The Last Mercenary- A Bit Insight About the Plot

Jean- Claude Van Damme starring action comedy film The Last Mercenary is the story of a former secret service agent who meets and then later teams up with his 25-year-old sheltered son in France. Actually, here he plays the role of an active dad when his son is accused of drug and weapons trafficking.

The Last Mercenary shows how his son, Archibald (Samir Decazza), has been raised safe and secure, but still, things didn’t go well with him, and his agent dad is there to help him out. Being, an agent it was tough for him to come out and become a father of his son, but now he has taken up the charge and would definitely make his son get rid of all these messes.

The action part of the actual agent work life of the film is set up in the era of the ’90s. We are shown how miraculous work Van Damme did 30 years ago. Had it been the same in the present time, the film would have been more engaging.

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