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Boruto Episode 210 Release Date, Recap of Previous Episode and What To Expect?

Boruto Episode 210, titled ‘Clues to Kara,’  is due next week. The previous episode, Boruto Episode 209, titled ‘The OutCast’, was a plot development episode. Here, the story develops majorly around Kawaki as he plans to leave the Hidden Leaf Village to save everyone from Jigen.

He believes that he puts everyone’s life at stake because Jigen can teleport to Kawaki’s karma, and also due to recent events, there is a high possibility that Boruto and Kawaki’s karma might resonate, releasing more of their power or lead to Otsusuki taking over their bodies. To know more about what might happen in the next episode, dig in and find out.

Boruto 210 Release Date and Where to Watch?

Boruto Episode 210 is scheduled to release on Sunday, 8th of August 2021. The Episode will be released on Tokyo TV. Boruto Episode 210 can also be streamed at Hulu, where English dubbing and original Japanese audio with English subtitles are available.

In Crunchyroll, the Boruto Episode 210 will be available in English, Portuguese, and Italian. Fans from Australia and France can also switch to Anime Lab to stream the Boruto Episode 210. 

Boruto Episode 209 Recap Episode Stills
Boruto Episode 210 will be Arriving on August 8, 2021

Boruto Episode 210: Spoilers and What to expect?

Boruto Episode 10, titled ‘Clues to Kara,’ will be more exciting to watch. As per the end credits from Episode 209 and the name suggests, Shinobi from the five Great Nations might infiltrate Kara.

With the existence and defeat of Boro, a new area of Kara’s existence has been detected as to cure diseases. Konohamaru, Jonin of Leaf Village, Sai, the head of the Anbu Black Ops division of Leaf, and some highly skilled Shinobi from other nations, will infiltrate the Kara organization.

It won’t be wrong to assume that they might find clues to Kara and fight some other inner member of it. If a fight breaks between Kara’s members and the spies, then it might cause more trouble as to defeat them will not be easy.

So to watch the thrill in Episode 210 and witness crazy development in the show, stay tuned till next week. Episode 210 will bring more light to Kara and create more excitement in the series.

Boruto Episode 209 Recap and What we know?

The episode starts with Kawaki waking up from sleep after having scary dreams where he visualizes the complete Hidden Leaf Village destroyed by Jigen and everyone killed. This worries him as after hearing Shikamaru’s remarks about the village’s safety, he cannot help but believe no one in the village can trust him.

Also, Himawari, Naruto’s daughter seen to be stealing some food from home to feed a badly injured wolf which she found in Jungle while playing. While she was leaving home, Kawaki goes with her to see what was actually going on. After seeing the lone wolf, he feels himself to be in the same situation and thus feels pity for it.

He spends time helping Himawari out and works out his feelings for the village. Himawari makes Kawaki feel more lively with her innocence by telling him how happy she feels to have another brother.

Next-Day when when when Hiamawari and Kawaki return to feed the wolf, they find him lying dead in the woods. The wolf has sacrificed himself for his pack because he had purely white fur distinct from the rest of the pack that was grey. This resulted in the fact that he was the easy prey and could not camouflage in the forest, thereby put the pack at more risk. And even though his own pack abandoned him, he still gave up his life so that his pack can survive.

This act convinced Kawaki more about his plan, and he decides to leave the village for the better. Boruto, on realizing his plan, confronts Kawaki at the village gate when he was trying to leave and tries to convince him not to do so.

But Kawaki is determined to do so, and at that moment, Shikamaru, also the advisor to Hokage, tells him that he still considers Kawaki a risk to the village and has him under the radar. Still, Naruto the Hokage trusts Kawaki, and he is part of Hidden Leaf Village as well.

Kawaki finding himself part of the Village makes him happy, and He changes his plans to leave the village. He is now free of the guilt of causing harm to the village and has finally found peace with it.

Know About Boruto Episode 209


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