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Jungle Cruise Review: How Was The New Disney+ Film Starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt?

Jungle Cruise Reviews are here and If you have been a Disney fan and following its films for a long, then you might call Jungle Cruise a failed experiment. If you could recall, eighteen years ago, Disney came with a magic theme which later went for as a cynosure of their theme-park that is ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

But, this time, the same didn’t go as expected from Jungle Cruise because from critics to the audience, the reviews for this film aren’t what the legacy has justified for Disney’s mainstay for 65 years, which too had been the cynosure of the theme-park.

Jungle Cruise too became the victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made to delay the film’s release date twice, and then finally, the film didn’t make its way on the theatre screens.

Finally, after series of delays, the film was finally released on Disney+ via Premier Access, and let’s see if the film is worth watching, considering the time audience has been waiting for its release.

Jungle Cruise Review | MediaScrolls

Jungle Cruise comes as a disappointment because the director Liam Neeson of this film is one who gave us great films like Non-Stop (2014) and The Commuter (2018) and also it is the first budget feud film for Jaume Collet- Serra and it isn’t that great considering these two facts.

Jungle Cruise would seem to you like a fun ride with an amalgam of movies like The African Queen (1951), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), The Mummy (1999), and of course Pirates of the Caribbean. Considering the huge budget of $200 million USD, the film looks pretty dull.

Though, some scenes like the ladder scene that happens in the early part of the film and also the riverboat navigating through the rapid water flow is another yet scene that brings some life to the Jungle Cruise.

The action adventurous scenes in the Jungle Cruise between Michael Green, Glenn Ficarra, and John Requa appear to be generic scenes that have always been part of every other film.

The film runs a little long, over two hours, and the story, which is basically set in the Amazon jungles. The high-stakes scenario in the film of the jungle setting is the primary thing that has been lacking in the film. The Amazon Jungle setting is set up on the digital fakery and almost all the stuff that doesn’t take you to the deep Amazon jungles.

Jungle Cruise has nothing to offer you as an element of surprise at any point in the film. If the film would have been a bit shorter than it is, then obviously it would have turned a bit more appealing and interesting for the audience.

Though, certainly, the entity can’t have all the odd things Jungle Cruise to has some parts which would certainly find joyous. Like Emily and Dwayne Johnson share great chemistry as a couple.

Jungle CruisePlot Insight: What is It About?

The film is set in the time of 1916 when the world was on the verge of the First World War. The story follows the quest of a sibling scientist/ explorer- Lily (Emily Blunt) and MacGregor (Jack Whitehall), in search of a magic flower that could be a panacea for any illness that would ever have to mankind.

Now, the main hindrance in their efforts comes when we are introduced to the character of Joachim (Jesse Plemons), a scheming German Prince who too is on the quest of searching for the same flower.

The story then follows up in the deep Amazonian jungle where Lily hires a riverboat guide named Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson).

Searching for a magic flower in the deep Amazon jungle isn’t an easy task, and it turns more difficult when you are confronted with a competitor who, too, is looking at the same thing. Jungle Cruise showcases all sorts of stereotypes of jungle struggles and the hindrance that lead to more confrontation between Lily and Frank.

The struggle Lily and MacGregor face in the jungle would appear to you as the struggle straight out from the Pirates of the Caribbean, just that in Jungle Cruise, the pirates are replaced by the Spanish conquistadors.

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