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Netflix's Sweet Girl (2021) Poster
Netflix's Sweet Girl (2021) Poster Via Netflix

Netflix’s Sweet Girl (2021): When is It Arriving?

Netflix’s Sweet Girl (2021) is an action drama that stars Jason Mamoa star in the main lead as Ray Cooper. It’s about how a dedicated middle-class family man transforms into a vengeful man after his wife’s death and the battle he undertakes against the medical company giants. The official trailer of the Netflix film has just been released.

Mamoa has earlier been seen as Aquaman in DC and a shot but impactful role in Game of Thrones. But this time, fans can see him unleash an unconventional side of his acting in Sweet Girl, released in August on the streaming biggie Netflix. Before heading to watch the film, read on to find more about it!

Netflix’s Sweet Girl (2021): What is the film about?

Jason Mamoa’s character, Ray Cooper, is a perfectly loving husband whose world crashes down with his wife’s demise. A cancer patient, she was dependent on a life-saving drug. That was withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer pharma company for additional profit just at the vital moment when her treatment needed the medicine. 

So Ray took on the rough and challenging battle against the medical giant and its CEO. The cruel and selfish CEO has already decided to take down all the life-saving medicines for drawing more profits. The film exposes the inhuman brutality of the pharma industry who only runs behind gains and doesn’t care about patients, especially in a backdrop of a time when cancer is a deadly disease in most of the population now. 

Ray’s daughter, on the other side, learns fighting from the local coach. She will be seen assisting his father in his challenging and unequal fight against the giants. The attraction of the film is the relatable plot, sensitive story, and acting of the cast. 

Netflix’s Sweet Girl (2021): Release Date and Trailer

Sweet Girl

Fans are already excited to watch the film, with its touchy subject and punchlines in the movie, like, “As long as we are together, we are family”: Jason Mamoa teaching some mantra to the greedy CEO. 

The film is releasing on the OTT platform, to be streamed by Netflix. 20th August 2021 is the date the film is releasing. Viewers need to subscribe to Netflix to watch the movie. 

Yes, we do have the trailer of Sweet Girl. It was released last week, and we can see Jason Mamoa and Isabela Merced as a fantastic father-daughter duo. Already 3 million people have watched the trailer! If you haven’t yet, do so at the earliest!

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