Evil Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch, and Episode 6 Recap

Evil Season 2 Episode 7
Evil Season 2 Episode 7 Via Paramount+

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Evil Season 2 Episode 7 is going to release next month on Paramount+. Before a mid-season break, Evil Season 2 Episode 6 showed the show’s take on the “Black Lives Matter” controversy. The episode contains a lot of thrill and suspense and also showed Kristen and Ben getting in trouble for different reasons. Evil has been very popular with viewers and critics alike. Its fast-paced action and unresolved endings kept the viewers asking for more. This has left fans eagerly waiting for Evil Season 2 Episode 7.

Evil Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date and Where Can You Watch It Online?

After the release of Evil Episode 6, the series has taken a one-month-long mid-season break. Evil Season 2 Episode 7 will be premiered on August 29, 2021, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time(ET). Evil Season 2 has 13 episodes of duration 60 minutes each. Subscribers of Paramount+ can watch Evil Season 2 Episode 7 on it, and its subscription can also be included for $9.99 per month on Amazon Prime. Other live streaming options for Evil Season 2 Episode 7 are available on Fubo TV and DirecTV.

Spoilers of Evil Season 2 Episode 7

Evil Season 2 Episode 7 is titled “S is for Silence.” In Evil Season 2 Episode 7, David, Kristen, and Ben are going to investigate the matter where a group of monks hears noises inside the tomb of Father Thomas, who had died one year ago. When the tomb is opened, they will find his body to be intact even after a year. The trio will then visit the Silent Monastery, its significance evident from the title, where the visitors have to remain silent in Evil Season 2 Episode 7. The team is likely to find some exciting facts leading to some supernatural causes in Evil Season 2 Episode 7.

Evil Season 2 Episode 7
Evil Season 2 Episode 7 will release on August 29, 2021, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time(ET)

A Recap of Evil Season 2 Episode 6.

Evil follows a team of three members Kristen, David, and Ben, who the Catholic Church hires to investigate seemingly supernatural incidents. Kristen is a forensic psychologist, a skeptic, while David, training to be a priest, is the believer in the team, and Ben is a contractor. They jointly use their expertise to assess the cases to determine their legitimacy and try to find a scientific explanation for the supernatural events.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 6 was titled “C is for Cop.” It opens with a white cop, Officer Jim Turley, shooting a black woman at a traffic stop when he saw her reach for a gun. It turns out that she was actually reaching out for her mobile and Jim Turley later claimed that an evil spirit forced him to do this. Amidst the hype that ensues, the case is brought to the notice of the trio, David, Kristen, and Ben, to assess whether Jim was actually under demonic possession.

When the team meets Officer Jim Turley, it turns out that Turley and Kristen happen to know each other as they used to send their daughters to the same school and used the same carpool. While Kristen finds it awkward to interview Turley, David asks him directly whether he would still have fired if the driver was white instead of black.

Kristen meets a detective friend from the homicide department, Mira, who assures Kristen that Turley is a good cop. She says that these incidents tend to happen with cops, adding that she was herself on the verge of doing the same thing once.

Mira is also investigating the Orson Le Roux murder case. Le Roux’s ex-wife, Emily, has an alibi, while her boyfriend does not, making the police believe that Emily made him commit this crime. When he also manages to produce an alibi, Mira visits Kristen to clear her name off the suspect list as Le Roux had been threatening Kristen and her family before he died. Mira, hoping to find the murder weapon, checks Kristen’s knives collection, just about missing the climbing ax hanging in her closet.

Kristen now needs to find an alibi to prove her innocence. So, she asks her daughter, Lexis, to remember the events of that night, and asks her if she remembers being tucked to bed by Kristen or not. It turns out that Lexis remembers Kristen coming home that night but can’t remember being tucked to bed by her. Lexis finds herself in a dilemma and goes to her grandmother Sheryl for advice. Sheryl advises her to stick to the truth, which shows that she wishes to instill good values in her granddaughter. However, at the same time, Sheryl shows the eerie side of her character by trying to evoke her creepy wish-granting doll and offering it sacrifice.

Evil Season 2 Episode 7
Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Episode Stills

Meanwhile, the viewers come to know that Ben is in trouble, with Abbey pressing him about a genetic testing experiment that he was previously involved in. The experiment had gone wrong, resulting in babies being born disfigured while it was initially meant to cure diseases.

Kristen teaches Ben the bracelet tactic that she had used in season 1 to defeat Abbey. When Abbey visits him again, Ben manages to conjure up a knife using this technique and also summons David to back him up. David advises him that in order to move on, he should seek forgiveness from something bigger than himself, like a tree, forest, or post office. Taking this advice literally, Ben apologizes to a mail carrier and appears to find momentary peace.

Tracing the sigil tattoo on Turley, the team discovers a cop gang who called themselves “Protectors.” Bishop Marx points out that the sigil tattoo was copied from the procedural television series Justice Served. David has a feeling that the show could be a source of evil. They meet the show’s producer, Mick Carr, whose conversation with David shows his racist inclination. Meanwhile, Officer Turley is found not guilty by the grand jury, making the police union very happy, indifferent to the fact that an innocent woman, a mother of two, had died. Instead, David and Ben are warned by the cops to stop questioning Mick Carr.

Kristen has a feeling of a presence in her backyard. After calling for help, she goes out with her ax and finds a disfigured Le Roux in her backyard, taunting her for being a killer. Wen Mira arrives there, Kristen, being in such disturbed mental condition, confesses killing Le Roux before Mira, but Mira stops her from doing so.

Evil is a crime drama series with the element of the supernatural. It is created by the wife-husband duo Michelle and Robert King and starring Mike Colter as David Acosta, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard, Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir, Michael Emerson as Leland Townsend, Christine Lahti as Sheryl, and Kurt Fuller as Dr. Boggs. Follow MediaScrolls for more updates on Evil Season 2 Episode 7.