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Dexter Season 9 Trailer Brings Back Dexter Trying to Run Away From His Past.

Dexter Season 9 trailer has showcased that in the present time, Dexter is living under a new nickname, Jim Lindsay. By changing his name, Dexter is trying his best to take a step away from his previous life. Now the question lies in whether he will be able to succeed or not that we will get to know in this upcoming season. However, there will be several instances where we will see Dexter almost on the boundary of taking the same steps as before.

The 9th season of the show will premiere in the United States on the 7th of November exclusively on Showtime. Dexter Season 9 trailer has also been launched. The subtitle of New Blood has been mentioned, and this season will have ten episodes. The timeline that will be portrayed here is ten years after the original season events. We will get to see Clyde Phillips and Michael C Hall playing the lead roles in Dexter Season 9.

Dexter Season 9 trailer hints to the audience the return of Dexter again as the serial killer.

The previous time when we saw Dexter, it was presumed by the cops and the authorities that he is dead. But that was not the case in reality. He was undercover and was working for a lumber company in the country of Austria, Oregon. Over here, he had changed his name to Jim Lindsay and was trying to lead a clean life.

Just like a perfect trailer, Dexter Season 9 trailer brings a perfect balance of revealing the storyline and building the mystery. It will urge the viewers to watch the show and get even more connected to it to unravel the mystery. The viewers will surely be very curious and have questions in their minds related to the plot after watching the trailer.

Dexter Season 9 trailer
The trailer adds in the perfect amount of mystery.

Jim Lindsay, the crime novelist, has described Dexter as a forensic lab analyst who spends his free time killing those murderers who have been able to run away from the hold of the law. Dexter Season 9 trailer showcases several old characters from the show. We will be seeing John Lithgow return as the Trinity Killer. Jennifer Carpenter is playing the character of Debra Morgan, foster sister to Dexter.

The other known actors whom we will be finding in the ninth installment of the show are Alano Miller, Jamie Chung, Johnny Sequoyah, Oscar Wahlberg, Michael Cyril Creighton, Clancy Brown, and Jack Alcott. Dexter Season trailer is already out, and the show will premiere on the 7th of November in the United States exclusively on Showtime.

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