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One Piece Episode 985 Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 984 Recap

Luffy unleashes an all-out elephant Gun blasts! The battle begins at Onigashima.

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One Piece Episode 985 will be a volatile episode as Luffy will unleash his rage on Kaido’s men. Episode 984 has been pivotal to their raiding plan, and with what went down at the end of the episode, it was evident Luffy would lose his cool.

Finally, the time has come for what we have been waiting for; the battle begins at Onigashima. One Piece Episode 985 is set to air this coming Sunday, and we can wait to see Luffy causing mayhem again.

With that said, let’s dive into the official spoilers of One Piece Episode 985 and what occurred in episode 984.

One Piece Episode 985: Luffy unleashes an all-out Elephant Gun assault on Kaido’s men

One Piece Episode 985 is titled “Thinking of Otama! Luffy’s Furious Strike!” and the summary is as follows:

“The solid promise he made with his friend. The Gifters trample on Otama’s wish for recovery and her struggle to survive with their petty behavior.

Luffy trembles with anger! His all-out elephant Gun blasts! The battle begins at Onigashima.”

So from the promo and summary, it’s clear both Zoro and Luffy will finally begin their assault, and things will get messy in the next episode.

After the constant mockery of Okobore town and its people in general, we can understand how Luffy and Zoro feel, given their connection with O’Tama and Yasuie.

But, with their assault, they will blow their cover for sure, and we are looking forward to seeing what happens next.

One Piece Episode 985 Release Date, Timings, and Where to watch

One Piece Episode 985 will be released on August 1, 2021. The official release timings for One Piece Episode 984 are as follows:

  • Japan – August 1, 2021, 6:00 AM
  • CES (Europe) – August 1, 2021, 7:00 AM
  • India – August 1, 2021, 8:00 AM
  • USA/Canada – August 1, 2021, 00:00 AM
  • UK – August 1, 2021, 6:00 AM

Where can you watch One Piece Episode 985?

You can watch One Piece Episode 985 on Crunchyroll, One Piece Official Channel, and Funimation. Meanwhile, New Zealand and Australian viewers can watch episode 985 on AnimeLab.

One Piece Episode 984 Recap and Ending

After transforming themselves as one of Kaido’s warriors, Kinemon and Luffy, and the gang finally set motion into their plan of raiding Onigashima.

Kinemon, with his final message, wishes everyone luck in the final moments of episode 983.

The title of One Piece Episode 984, “Luffy Goes Out of Control? Sneaking into Kaido’s Banquet!” foreshadows what will happen as with banquet and everything going on, we can anticipate how Luffy will react.

The episode kicks off with Orichi enjoying his female companionship, totally carefree and unaware of what’s happening in Onigashima.

It’s good to see him like this as he won’t be up with his shenanigans, thereby letting Luffy and others continue their plan without being bothered by him.

In Onigashima, it’s the calm before the storm sets in as we see the Straw Hat Pirates, Kid Pirates, the Akazaya members, the minks, and the samurai retainers all geared up to let loose.

One PIece Episode 985 release date
One Piece 984: The Eastern Forces (via. Toei Animation)

Everyone enraged with the fuel of vengeance kicks off the Onigashima raid. All forces contributing are as follows:

  • The Eastern Forces led by Kin’emon
  • The Southern Forces led by Denjiro
  • Law pirates, along with the other Akazaya members, took the underwater route
  • The Straw Hat Pirates
  • Kid Pirates
  • The Minks and 5000 allies

Franky reminds Luffy and others of the new “toys” that would perfectly fit the current situation; however, on the other hand, Kid Pirates marches on before others.

Kid stressed that despite having the same goal of taking Kaido down, they have no intention of following Kin’emon’s plans.

Meanwhile, on Law’s ship, Kiku and Kawamatsu discussed Luffy and Kid’s fate as they are heading to Kaido’s castle head-on.

Kiku is worried that Luffy, despite being strong, still has a chance to get into trouble. However, Law assures them that both Luffy and Kid are not to be taken down so easily.

After kidnapping Momonuke, Kanjuro takes him through a secret passage that would lead him to Orochi. He intends to reach Orochi to explain what has been happening so far in Onigashima.

With Kid Pirates departing, Luffy decides to stop Kid from doing something reckless only to end up where Apoo, Queen, and others are.

Zoro also finds himself in the same place, and as he proceeds to find Luffy, one of Kaido’s soldiers utters ‘Okobore Town’ that catches his attention.

Black Rhino FR-U4 and Brachio Tank 5

One Piece Episode 985 Spoilers
One Piece Episode 984 Still (via. Toei Animation)

Back at Sunny, Franky reveals his bike, ‘Black Rhino FR-U4‘ that he used back during the battle at the Fish-Man island. Additionally, ‘Brachio Tank 5‘ is also in action in the capable hands of Chopper and Usopp.

Jimbei reveals where Luffy and Zoro are headed off, to which the entire crew seemed not impressed, telling Jimber that Luffy will make things worse, whereas Zoro will eventually get lost somewhere else.

We get a little funny banter between Sanji and Usopp as the latter gets to drive with all the women. Additionally, Brooks spoils Franky’s opportunity to have a ride with Robin.

Before heading off, Franky instructs Chopper to meet at the island’s back, where they will combine the two vehicles.

The idea of combining the vehicles to form a ‘Super Megazord’ lits Chopper’s eyes, and Chopper getting excited is always a treat to watch.

Jimbei and Robin decide to walk their way up, and Jimbei discusses that it’s crucial to have a calm head for analyzing every situation amid all the excitement. Just as they proceeded, we see a strange mask keeping an eye on them.

Luffy and Zoro Getting Back to Business

Next up, we see Zoro getting annoyed at Kaido’s men trash-talking people living at Okobore Town, and he proceeds to make quick work of them.

Luffy was also about to dig into all the foods but stopped when Kaido’s men brought up Okobore Town. Suddenly a big container full of red bean soup was dumped over Luffy as he continued to listen to what Kaido’s men had to say.

All the trash talking about Okobore Town enraged him as he punches the container high up in the air, concluding the episode.

Knowing Luffy, this doesn’t look good, and if he loses his wit, he will begin rampaging, which will eventually reveal their identity.

As you know, Luffy will do exactly the same and expect some heavy beatings for Kaido’s men in One Piece Episode 985, but would we see a face-off between Luffy and Queen?

Stay tuned to us for more updates on One Piece Episode 985.

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