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Sweet Home Season 2: When Will It Arrive on Netflix?

Netflix is the best place to binge-watch TV shows and movies, but lately, one such series that has been very popular among fans was Sweet Home, a Korean Drama. And now Sweet Home Season 2 has been officially renewed on Netflix. So in this article, we will give you all the updates regarding Sweet Home Season 2.

The popular Kdrama series Sweet Home is going for its renewal, and Sweet Home Season 2 is happening soon. Since the release of season 1, the fans were very eager to know about the arrival of season 2. The streaming platform of the series Netflix has recently confirmed this.

Sweet Home Season 2, like the first season, will resonate with the story of a lone wolf school student who experiences a certain transformation around himself later in his life when he started living in an apartment. There is an equal probability that the show will continue with the piled-up story where they ended season 1 of Sweet Home or would come up with a new storyline for season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 Renewal Status and Release Date

As of now, there isn’t any information regarding the release date of the Sweet Home Season 2. Just that Netflix has confirmed that they would be returning with season 2, considering the high demand of the series amongst the Kdrama fans.

Sweet Home Season 2 Is Coming Soon on Netflix
Sweet Home Season 2 has been Renewed | via Netflix

Netflix, on July 9, made an official announcement that Sweet Home Season 2 will be happening, and filming of the same shall be beginning from December 2021.

Suppose we consider the trend the first season of Sweet Home took around 8 months to complete its filming. If we believe the same happens this time for season 2, then we would have Sweet Home Season 2 by the early months of 2023.

Still, fans are overjoyed with just this news that the show will be coming with season 2. Perhaps they had been waiting for this exciting piece of news for an extensive amount of time.

Sweet Home Season 2 – What to Expect?

Sweet Home Season 2 will include the cast from the last season with the departure of some as well as the addition of some. The cast of season 1 includes Lee Si Young, Song Kang, and Lee Jin Wook. Currently, there is a dilemma over Lee Do Hyun joining the cast again for Sweet Home Season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 will be based on the story of the webtoon of the same name on which it is based. The storyline of season 2 is yet to be penned down, but it seems that the story would be quite more or less based on the same genre as it was in the last season. Home Sweet tells a story of a lone-wolf high school student who gets shifted to a new apartment building.

In this apartment, he encounters some weird terror as human transforms into monsters around himself and this is where the story of the series proceeds.

Also, it is quite interesting to note that Sweet home is not just the replicated version of the webtoon. There are indeed some great editions to the series version. For instance, in season 1, Lee Si Young’s character was an addition to this show which was not part of the webtoon, and certainly, the same trend is likely to be seen in Sweet Home Season 2.

Perhaps, it is quite possible that there would be some more new additions to the existing cast, but details about the same would be known as some development regarding the series proceeds from the maker’s end.

The thriller drama series came out in December last year, and it became an instant hit on the Netflix Korea platform. Since then, fans are waiting for the official confirmation about its renewal into the next season.

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