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Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Review
Robert Schwentke's Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Review | MediaScrolls

Last Updated on July 24, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

G.I Joe has been a staple in our childhood for decades, and now we can relive it with Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins starring Henry Golding as the titular character!

The film is directed by Robert Schwentke, who brings his dark humor to this sci-fi military action movie that’s sure to please any G.I Joe lover out there! The story follows a mysterious lone fighter named Snake Eyes, trained by an ancient Japanese ninja clan Arashikage by Storm Shadow.

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins is the third movie in the row of the G.I Joe franchise. Paramount films are back with the third edition after the last two films G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I Joe: Retaliation which was released in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

The story of the Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins runs around the aesthetic acts in the service of world-building. The film is starring Henry Golding and is based on the G.I Joe Marvel comics of the 1980s written by Larry Hama.

About the Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins review seems that it didn’t dwell well among the audience. The primary reason being the film is based on the 80’s era of comics made it tough for the audience to grasp; the last two sequels of the film too didn’t go well through the larger segment of the audience.

Considering the general public views on the  Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins review, we have summarized the film review.

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Review
Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Review-Henry Golding as Snake Eye and Samara Weaving as Scarlett

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins Review- Was This a Solid Comeback for the G.I Joe Franchise? 

The film sets in with the introduction of Snake Eyes, who is in his head-to-toe black armor, handed with a sword and rest everything seems to be left on the audience to learn. The thing is that nobody knows anything about Snake.

Even later, we are not entitled to the real name of Snake; we are just glimpsed with a backstory and a face. We learn that Snake has serious connections to Yazuka while he was working as a fishmonger.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins attempts to bring both old fans and new viewers on the same board. But, the fact is that new viewers would find something totally new, and so does the old fans too.

In the last sequels of the film, the Snake Eyes was a silent but deadly character, but he turns out to be an expressive and talkative version of himself in this edition. As of public opinion about Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins review, it seems that the audience loved the former version of Snake Eyes.

Also, the film fell short in terms of setting the romantic setting, which was established between Baroness and Scarlett, but this edition didn’t have any further advancement in regard to their relationship, and there were mere scenes of their interactions.

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Review
Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Review-Storm Shadow 

The action in this film, too, has been on the lower level. Raid Star Iko Uwais, who he Arishakage’s so-called Hard master, has very few moments to showcase his hand-to-hand fighting skills.

It looks like the film will have heaps of ninja fighting techniques from the trailer and another promo. But, this isn’t too to that extent. There are very few concise scenes, like in one scene where Scarlett cleans out a room of Cobra agents can be labeled as such scenes.

When the Paramount films announced the release of the film from the point where they left Snake Eyes, fans were desperate to watch the film. Still, after watching the film, one may feel every other character from the previous two editions of the film has just been revolving in the entire film with nothing new to offer its audience.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins- What Is It About? 

The story of Snake Eyes is carried off after the gangsters’ order him to execute Tommy ( Andrew Koji), who happens to be Snake’s best friend. Snake betrays the gangsters and saves his friend, and in return for his heroic act, Snake is recruited in Tommy’s storied ninja family, Clan Arashikage.

The life of Snake at this training center doesn’t turn out to be easy because he is under constant watch by Arashikages’s security chief Akiko suspects that this newcomer is hiding something from them. The prime reason for his suspicion was very obvious because Cobra is still active in the world.

Later in the climax part of the film, where we learn that Tommy turns into a bitter foe to Snake Eyes when he leaves the Arashikage Clan, he swears that he would kill Snake Eyes whenever he would cross his path in the future.

Baroness tempts Tommy, who is no longer part of the Arashikage Clan, to join the ranks of Cobra, but the latter seems in no mood. Here, we also learn a very important aspect of the story that Snake Eyes’s father was a G.I Joe, and he died during an undercover mission. This information also opens the door for the ninja warrior to join the elite military team when Scarlett tells Snake Eyes about his father’s past.

The later higher level of conflicts between the G.I Joe and the Cobra and now Tommy turned against Snake Eyes would be part of the film’s upcoming sequel if there happens to be a renewal of the same.

Will There be a Sequel of Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins?