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Snake Eyes 2- Will There Be A Sequel of Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins?

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins, or simply Snake Eyes, is based on the story of the toy series G.I Joe and also it is the third edition of the franchise. The first two movies of this franchise were released in 2009 and 2013, and the third edition was just released this week. Since the release of this edition, fans are seeking redressal from the makers of the film about the 4th edition of the film or Snake Eyes 2.

As of now, there is no update regarding Snake Eyes 2 from the makers of the film, and this will definitely take some time because it has been a hard couple of days for Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins went on a theatre screen.  

 Though the film didn’t go well through heaps of positive responses from both viewers and the critics, the buzz of the film is so high that makers need to think at least once in this regard whether they want to make a renewal of this.

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins- Going for a Renewal
Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Film Scenes Via Paramount Pictures || Will there be Snake Eyes 2?

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Snake Eyes 2 or Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins 2- Release Date and Renewal Status

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins or the Snake Eyes was released on July 23, 2021, in theatres by Paramount Pictures.

But, certainly, there seems some hope for the fans of Snake Eyes because, according to some sources, the development of the script of Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins 2/Snake Eyes 2 is going on with Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel assigned to it. Apart from this, the movie has a mid-credits scene which also raises the chances for the sequel of this movie.

The makers of the film haven’t announced anything about Snake Eyes 2, and it is quite certain because they would surely analyze the performance in terms of the collection and audience’s feedback for the Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins.

Since it has been hardly a couple of days since the film went in front of the audience, and certainly, makers will take some time to the response they receive from the audience about this film.

Also, we cannot eliminate the possibility that the makers of the film, instead of going for Snake Eyes 2, may dive in for another storyline and plot with G.I Joe. Whatever may be the following, it is obvious that the core fanbase of the G.I Joe’s mythology would love the film to make a comeback again on the theatre screens.

Still, if we consider an overview that the film will take around 2 more years from hence to complete its shooting work and post-production work, then we can expect Snake Eyes 2 to hit theatres screen by 2023 at the earliest.

Snake Eyes Trailer

Snake Eyes 2- What to Expect?

Snake Eyes 2 will surely have the plot of the war between G.I Joe and Cobra due to the evergreens of their conflicts which were shown in the last film. In the climax scene of the Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins were we learn that Snake Eyes’s father was G.I Joe, and he died during an undercover mission.

The departure of Tommy from the Arashikage Clan also marks the entry of another foe into the life of Snake Eyes as Tommy swears to kill Snake Eyes whenever the two cross each other’s path the next time. This situation compels Ninja warriors to join the elite military team.

In this part, we will also see the arrival of Snake Eyes into G.I Joe and taking on a Cobra-affiliated Storm Shadow. Also, fans are waiting for the romantic relationship setting between Scarlett and Snake Eyes, which was missing in the Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins. Owing to this feedback from the audience with respect to the first edition of Snake Eyes, it is quite possible that Snake Eyes 2 will certainly have these all.

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins was initially supposed to release on March 27, 2020, and due to ongoing pandemic reasons were postponed multiple times. Finally, the film went on for its premier almost more than a year from the originally scheduled date.


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