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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Official Video Game Is Available On Xbox and Steam For Free this Weekend

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Official Video Game has now come on Xbox. It will be available for free for all the subscribers of Xbox Gold throughout the weekend. People who have subscribed to Steam will also get it for free. From the 26th of July, this game will have to be purchased for the ones who would want to continue playing the game.

The game has been developed by SEFA and has brought in Sonic the Hedgehog as its mascot. The Olympic Games, which is happening in Tokyo, had been delayed by a year.

It was supposed to happen in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world had stopped all the social events. So in 2021, the doors are now open for athletes worldwide. The spectators can also join in to watch the events.

The official name that has been fixed for the event is Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The video game will also be bearing the same name. It will be celebrating the world’s biggest event of sports. As the event is happening in Japan, the country has made its video game as well.

We know how expert japan is when it comes to making video games.

This game will not be an ordinary video game. The users can choose an avatar and customize it. They will be able to ply the game wearing the costumes of Sonic, the Hedgehog, which is the official mascot of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The players will also get the opportunity to customize the avatars that they choose while playing the game.

They can play tennis and football as a cowboy or as an astronaut. This is a party game that SEGA has developed, and the players can have their own customizations choices.

How can we download the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Official Video Game from Steam or Xbox?

Downloading the game is not a complex procedure. It can be downloaded directly by simply clicking on the game either on the Steam Store for computers. On the Xbox Series S and X, the game is available for the subscribers of the Xbox Live Gold Pass.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Sonic Hedgehog will be presented as the Mascot of the event.

The free games for the month of July have been made available. However, the case will be different when it comes to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The other titles that will be available for free this month are Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues and Battlefield 1. The Olympic Games will be open until the 25th of July at 11:59 Pacific daylight time period.

What can we expect from the game?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has been made for the promotion of the official Olympics event. This will give the people the opportunity to live the dream of playing sports in the Olympics.

This will also help provide the games’ feel to the people in their homes during this pandemic situation.

There will be several popular characters like Sonic, a cowboy, an astronaut, and many others who will be a part of the video game. They will be providing their own charm to the game compared to a game that is totally related to sports.

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