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Panasonic Toughbook G2 Might Be The Most Rugged PC Designed Till Now

Panasonic Toughbook G2, which is a combination of the older generations of G1 and G20, looks like a tough monster. This is a Windows PC that just sets up the level of the machines of this genre.

The company will kick in its entry in its line of tablets and PCs. The Panasonic Toughbook G2 will combine its previous products into one amazing device. The device also takes in a few features from the Toughbook 55. This time we will not see just one modular bay; we will find three modular bays in the device, even if they are very small. It is perfect for PC utilities, as a military device, fire, police, and for the people who are working in harsh conditions. There are also the added features of GPS, 4G LTE, and a thermal camera, making this the most extreme computer of 2021.

Things to like in the Panasonic Toughbook G2

The device is compact but provides a great combination of a laptop and a tablet. We will get to see Panasonic’s xPAK modular kind of design. This modularity is very important when it comes to business, the military, or EMS, where the missions are subject to several changes. The customers owning the device can easily do the retrofit with just a screwdriver, that too in just 90 seconds.

Panasonic Toughbook G2
The device is definitely rough and tough.

The variants that are available include the one with Intel Core i5 10310U having 16 GB RAM and an SSD of 512 GB. There is another which comes equipped with Intel Core i7, having 32 GB RAM and an SSD of 1 TB. The variant with the i5 processor was tested in the performance mode, and no lags were found while the device was working. The NVMe SSD that is being used in the Panasonic Toughbook G2 provides an impressive read speed of 2,400 MBps and a write speed of 1,500 MBps.

Since the device can be used outdoors, the display can provide 1,000 nits of brightness and is combined with the additional layer of anti-reflection. It supports touch, and there is a pen provided in the system that is useful in taking down notes.

What are the things that people can dislike in the device?

The Panasonic Toughbook G2 does not provide its customers a scope to put in loads of complaints. The only problem lies in the trackpad. The trackpad is small and lacks accuracy, which makes it difficult to use.

The device does not use the Microsoft Precision Drivers; hence the touchpad is extremely bad. The touchscreen might serve as the alternative during such times. However, the device is supposed to be durable, and touch screens are not suitable for usage in such cases. If Panasonic would have worked on the haptic trackpad, then things would have been better.

Price and Availability of the device

Panasonic Toughbook G2 can be purchased from the Panasonic stores, where the device’s starting price would be 2,999 US dollars. The price will, however, vary with the configuration of the device.

Customers who buy this device can just add a keyboard to provide them a PC-like experience. There are additional features like the Thermal camera, barcode reader, OPAL SSDs, and Contactless SmartCard.

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