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Dead Space Remake will be launching on Xbox Series X|S, PCs, and PlayStation 5

Dead Space Remake has finally been announced by EA to launch on the next-gen gaming platforms and the PCs. The game is the remake of the very famous survival horror game which had released in 2008. The game was first announced in the EA Play Live 2021, after which several rumors were spread. EA Games had given a confirmation that Motive is working on the remake of the game so that it can release on the Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 5, and the PCs.

However, no official date or a window of release has been mentioned for the Dead Space Remake until now. The first teaser trailer of the game showcased the in-engine mood and look that Motive has designed for the game. Motive is very confident about their work in the remake and will surely be a big hit once it launches in the market.

EA Games is making the Dead Space Remake, which is the Visceral Games horror classic game.

Dead Space Remake will be built from the very basic using the Frostbite Engine. The developers are looking to take advantage of the SSDs that are being used in the next-gen consoles and gaming devices. Several other new technologies like 3D audio and the others which are seen in the next-gen consoles will bring Issac’s journey back to life again as he moves towards USG Ishimura.

For the people who have not played the game earlier, the game follows the character of Issac Clarke. He is an engineer who has been sent to Ishimura to make repairs to the huge starship. On arriving at the location, he finds that there is a very disturbing fate for all the people on board. There has been some sort of an infection that aliens have spread. This has affected the entire crew and has made everyone enemies who are referred to as the Necromorphs. This sends Issac to find out what is happening and how it has happened. He is also in search of his partner Nicole who is definitely on the ship.

Dead Space Remake
The game will be launching soon.

Back when the original game was released in 2008, the developers had mentioned that they were proud of the game genre and the engaging storyline that game has come up with. There is fast-paced action and heavy, intense fighting in the game. The atmospheric qualities of the game will definitely make the players get on their feet and make a jump. We hope that Dead Space Remake brings in several upliftments in the graphics portion and the game play engine with the same or somewhat different storyline.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about Dead Space Remake. The launch date or the window of launch has not yet been announced. We will inform you as soon as we get to know more about the launch date of the game. The graphics will definitely be an amazing upgrade of the game. The storyline was a favorite of the people when it had launched in 2008. The Dead Space Remake will bring in a few changes in the storyline which will be willingly accepted by the players.

Dead Space Remake might soon be announced in the EA Live event

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