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The Flash Season 8- When Will The Next Season Arrive?
The Flash Season 8- When Will The Next Season Arrive?

The Flash Season 8- When Will The Next Season Arrive?

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The Flash Season 8 is due later this year; based on the popular DC comic character the season 7 of The Flash had just concluded a few days back, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. The series stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a masked superhero who fights crime and supervillains to protect his Central city.

Barry is also an assistant crime scene investigator who is bestowed with a superpower of running at superhuman speed after getting struck by lightning. Season 7 has just concluded a few days back, and fans are desperately waiting for the arrival of The Flash Season 8.

The show’s immense popularity is because of the outstanding performance by the show’s cast, amazing action, and gripping storyline that made fans stick to the show for the last 7 seasons and will continue to be so.

The Flash Season 8- Release Date, Cast and Plot
The Flash Season 8 has been renewed for the 8th season, and it is all set to return in November 2021 

The Flash Season 8 Release Date: When will It Arrive?

The Flash Season 8 is premiere on November 16, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW.

Due to the pandemic, there was a delay in the seventh season’s premiere, but The Flash Season 8 will be premiering in the typical October to May Television season. This was also quoted by the Chairman and CEO of The CW, Mark Pedowitz, that things tend to return to normalcy this year, and so do the production schedules.

The Flash Season 8 was officially announced on February 2021, almost a month before the season 7 premiere. This was very certain considering the huge fanbase of the show.

Unlike the seventh season of The Flash, the shooting schedule was greatly impacted by the ongoing pandemic; the show’s new season is said to commence filming on August 2021, according to various sources.

The Flash Season 8- Cast Details: Who Would be in the Cast for the new Season? 

The Flash Season 8 will certainly have the show’s lead cast like Grant Gustin- Barry Allen/ The Flash, Danielle Panabaker- Caitlin Snow and Frost, Jesse L. Martin- Joe West, and Candice Patton Iris West- Allen.

The other cast includes Cecile Horton by Danielle Nicolet, Chester P.Punk as Brandon McKnight, and Allegra Garcia as Kayla Compton. Also, the recurring characters like Kristen Kramer as Carmen Moore, Bart Allen as Jordan Fisher, and Nora West- Allen by Jessica Parker Kennedy will continue with the appearance in The Flash Season 8.

Apart from this, there is major discontinuation of the actor Tom Cavanagh who plays a role in various iterations of the show like Harrison Wells and Eobard Thawne/ Reverse-Flash, and also the role of Cisco Ramon by Carlos Valdes. Their departures from the following upcoming seasons were already announced during the broadcast of season 7. We would not be finding these characters in the upcoming The Flash Season 8.

The Flash Season 8-What to Expect?

The Flash Season 8 will showcase the changes of The Flash with the incoming of new fighting foes in the coming season. The prime focus of diminishing the meta-human criminal activity with the addition of feature various heroes from ‘The CW- verse’- the kick-off of the five-episode arc of the new season.

Season 7 of The flash had various turnouts, like the willingness of Barry and Iris to start their relationship with a son in the distant future. Also, Cisco leaves Team Flash to take up a job at ARGUS when Team Flash is at the top of the prism with the new threats coming their way. The Flash Season 8, too, will continue with the abstracts left-outs of the storyline from season 7 with the fact that the conscience of all the other Wells seems to be wiped out of existence after the Nash’s sacrifice to the power of artificial speed force.

The new season would be welcoming another major villain in the series. Seeing the general trend since the inception of The Flash in 2014, we have seen plenty of comic book foes getting a place in the show. The name includes from Savitar and Godspeed to Gorilla Grodd. This news comes as a confirmed piece of news because it comes from the showrunner Eric Wallace who expressed his joy by saying that his biggest dream character is coming in season eight to fight The flash, and he is very desperate. Based on this, one can believe that there would be a major hit-back entry of a great foe in the show in the coming season.

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