Intel i9-12900K
Intel i9-12900K

Intel i9-12900K shows impressive scores as compared to the AMD Ryzen 5950X

Last Updated on July 22, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Intel i9-12900K or the Alder Lake chips that will come soon perform better than the AMD Ryzen 5950X, which comes in the 5000 series of chips. The benchmarks have been obtained. It shows that Intel’s chip is outperforming AMD’s Ryzen 5950X. In Cinebench R20, we have seen that Intel is performing 18% better in the multi-core category of tests, and it is performing 28% better in the single-core variety of tests.

OneRaichu, a known leaker, has revealed that Intel i9-12900K has received some very impressive scores in both categories. In the multi-core category, the chip received more than 11,600, whereas, for the single-core category, it scored above 810 in the Cinebench R20 benchmarks. All these scores indicate that this chip’s performance will be much better than the performance that the AMD Ryzen 5950X can give us, mainly if we focus on the single-core performance.

According to Guru3D’s Testing, it has been found that the AMD Ryzen 5950X has scored somewhere around 10,409 points in the multi-core category. In the case of the single-core category, the processor chipset has scored 643 points in the benchmarks provided by Cinebench R20. These scores are much less than the ones obtained by Intel’s chip. Hence the Intel i9-12900K will work 11% faster and smoother in the single-core category of performance. The processor will also work 23% faster and smoother in the multi-core category of performance.

Intel i9-12900K leaked benchmarks state that the processor chipset performs better than AMD Ryzen 5950X.

All the results that are talking about have been obtained with a water-cooling. These scores have come without overclocking. So the final score which will be obtained will be much higher than the scores that we see now in both the categories, be it the single or the multi cores.

PCGamer has also conducted the tests, and their results favor the new processor chipset from Intel. The tests conducted reveal that 12900K is performing 28% faster and smoother in the single-core category and 18% faster in the multi-core category tests. The more interesting fact is that this processor will work 12% quicker than Intel’s previous i9-11900K. In the category of multi-cores, it will perform better than the previously mentioned model.

Intel i9-12900K
Intel i9-12900K processor chipset will enter the markets during this fall.

After having a look at the scores and the performance gains of the Intel processor chipset, we can definitely say that this processor should be the go-to choice for productivity work and gaming. We still do not have any benchmarks about Intel’s 12th Gen processors, which are codenamed Alder Lake. The Alder Lake will be released this fall.

Intel i9-12900K is being rumored to release in the market with 16 cores and 24 threads. This will provide a boost clock speed of around 5.3 GHz. The design on the chipset ensures a high level of performance and even a higher efficiency. Each core is not packed with a ton of power; the work is provided to an appropriate core by the processor.

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