Netflix Might Partner with Sony for Making Video Games

Netflix Might Partner with Sony for Making Video Games

Last Updated on July 20, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Netflix will be partnering with Sony PlayStation and make its entrance into the gaming industry in 2022. Although the streaming giant has not mentioned anything about the partnership as of now, we are sure it will be happening soon.

A few days ago, the report was confirmed that Netflix would make its mark in the gaming industry. Now we find that this streaming giant will be receiving a little help from the Japanese gaming company Sony PlayStation. This partnership will make the overall deal come even better.

Just like the Xbox Game Pass, the streaming giant will also bring its own Game Pass, which would be named Shark. Microsoft’s Rival, Sony, has also agreed to provide them with the necessary help, making things even better. We feel that Netflix does not want to limit itself to just streaming movies and shows.

It has greater plans than anyone else has thought about. Steve Moser, a reliable data miner, has shared a few images of the Netflix application on iOS. These images show that the streaming giant will very soon enter the video games industry.

There is a logo for Shark and another logo for N Games, which have been found in the application. Steve Moser, the data miner, has also found several images that connect the streaming giant with PlayStation. These images include the DualSense controllers of the PS5. One surprising fact is the artwork of Ghost of Tsushima, which has also been found. There could be several reasons why these images, linked to Sony’s PlayStation, are found on the application.

Netflix Might Partner with Sony for Making Video Games

Will the streaming giant partner with the Japanese gaming giant?

The streaming giant has been giving more signs related to its venture in the industry of video games. Steve Moser has asked his fans whether the DualSense controllers and Ghost of Tsushima image indicate a partnership with the Japanese company. A few of the industry watchers have mentioned that Netflix and Sony might have made some kind of a deal.

Sony would want its audience to use the PlayStation Now feature for the gaming service. However, if the deal between both these big companies happens, then Sony would increase the games’ reach and popularity. This will be helpful for those who do not own a PlayStation for gaming.

It has also been discovered that the streaming giant has hired the former executives of Facebook and EA to help them enter into the world of gaming. A person who is familiar with the setup that will be happening soon has mentioned that the games will come in the current fare that Netflix charges in a new programming genre. The streaming platform had done the same with the documentaries and the stand-up special shows or episodes. The platform has not made any plans to charge an extra penny for bringing in games.

However, there is no one who has officially confirmed the news as of now from the streaming giant. The streaming platform has also mentioned nothing about the partnership that is being said to happen with Sony. Stay connected with MediaScrolls to receive more updates on this deal. We will update you as soon as we get to know some more exciting news about the venture of the streaming giant into gaming.

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