Boruto Episode 209 Postponed: What is the New Release Date?
Boruto Episode 209 Postponed: What is the New Release Date?

Boruto Episode 208 Revealed the Truth Behind Otsutsuki’s Karma Mark

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Boruto Episode 208 revealed one of the most crucial plot details in Naruto Saga. In the previous episode, we saw Boruto and the team 7 Kawaki, Sarada, and Mitsuki were fighting against “Inner” from the Kara Organization.

The Kara enforcer transformed himself into a giant monster and almost killed Boruto. But in the end, Boruto’s near-death situation made Momoshiki’s persona emerge and control the whole situation. The episode revealed very crucial details for all the fans. So let us discuss what else has happened in Boruto Episode 208.

What Happened in Boruto Episode 208? and Boruto Karma Powers Explained

Momoshiki Otsutsuki is the foremost being that manifests inside Boruto. Those who don’t know about Momoshiki Otsutsuki should remember that Otsutsuki was initially sent to investigate the whereabouts of Kaguya and her Hod Tree and then to get the nine tail chakra from lord seventh.

Once Otsutsuki almost got killed by Boruto, Otsutsuki placed Karma on Boruto, which allows her spirit to remain intact through the mark that Boruto has. So during episode 208 of Boruto, when he was about to die, Momoshiki’s persona emerged suddenly and took control over the whole situation.

Momoshaiki’s persona stole some chakra from Naruto using the Karma and develops a giant Rasengan, defeating Boro. After that, Boruto comes out from the Momoshiki state and what he notices is that he now doesn’t remember what has happened?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 208 Revealed the Truth Behind Otsutsuki's Karma Mark
Boruto Episode 208 Revealed the Truth Behind Otsutsuki’s Karma Mark

Once the fight was over, Naruto was rescued and returned to the Hidden Leaf. Mitsuki and Sarada, although after returning to the village, didn’t precisely mention in the report about Boruto’s awaken Otsutsuki power in the battle with Boro.

They decided to speak to Sasuke about this instead and told him what they have witnessed. After understanding the whole thing, Sasuke also recalls Sasuke and Naruto’s battle and the Kara base incident where he discovered another dimension.

After recalling all the previous scenarios,  at the ending moments of Boruto Episode 208, Sasuke reached a horrible conclusion. The conclusion was that Karma mainly marks the chosen individual to be a vessel to an Otsutsuki’s consciousness. And as the Karma is now being placed in Both Boruto and Kawai, it seems their life of being normal human beings seems over, and in the end, they might have to remain as a vessel of Otsutsuki.

Although Boruto and Kawaki’s Karma is very different, like Boruto had to kill an Otsutsuki, he got the Karma, whereas Jigen chose Kawaki. Jigen is not dead now, but it is still unclear what the Kara leader’s actual status is. If Jigen is a vessel himself, it raises further questions like who made Jigen vessel and what the Otsutsuki Karma does process the host? Well, we will get more answers to these questions soon.

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