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Netflix’s Horror film Fear Street Part Three 1666 Review: A Satisfying End to Trilogy

Fear Street Part Three 1666 Review is here, and we have watched the final trilogy film as well. All we can say is that the Fear Street Part Three 1666 took an unexpected turn in its third edition, contemplating its last two parts of the film that were genre-defining slasher film, and the third edition now is a complete horror-packed film.

The director of the Horror film Fear Street Part Three 1666 designed the film so that while watching this film, you would certainly be knowing what is coming in the way further. But that being said that the film is predictable. It is equally engaging; you would definitely feel stratified after watching the film.

As the title of the film showcases ‘Fear Street Part Three 1666’, the plot of the film is set in the ancient era, and the director has tried to combine this era with the horror of the dread associated with it during this era.

Review- Netflix’s Horror film Fear Street Part Three 1666
Fear Street Part Three 1666 Review: A satisfying end to the trilogy. 

Fear Street Part Three 1666 Review- Foreboding Sense of Dread

If you could recall the first two films of this franchise, it all started in the 17th century and 1666 in particular. At this time, Sarah Fier’s curse starts to show its downtime.

Fear Street Part 2 followed Deena getting transported to her past after she returned Sarah’s severed hand and later buried it with the rest of her body, and this might be the reason for Sarah’s curse that to why Deena is being relocated to her past.

From here, Fear Street Part Three 1666 will take you to the flashbacks of Sarah’s early life seen by Deena but through Sarah’s perspective. The film director didn’t quickly walk through the flashback series but had given enough time to the audience to engulf Sarah’s past.

We come to know that Sarah lives with her widowed father and her younger brother Henry (Benjamin Flores Jr.) in a settlement which is kind of a Union where some people are inhabited.

The people who had already watched Fear Street Part 2 may be feeling this flashback part unnecessary, but someone who watched this for the first time with Fear Street Part Three 1666 may need a little introduction to Sarah’s early life.

While watching Fear Street Part Three 1666, you would not miss that element of surprise that is a prerequisite for every horror film after regular intervals. The film will keep making some scary and dreadful moments again and again.

As Sarah Fier, Kiana Madeira always has stood out from the rest of the characters in the Fear Street Part Three 1666. This time the role of Sarah’s brother Henry played by Benjamin Flores Jr., has got an abrupt change from being a nerdy brother to a supportive brother to Sarah.

All the film actors have justified the experiment of director Janiak, who tried to keep the contemporary cast the same for the ancient era; everyone gave justice to the subordinate accent of the ancient era. Obviously, the film, which is set in the 17th-century theme, couldn’t have an accent of that of 90th century, and in this terms, everyone in the cast Fear Street Part Three 1666 stands out well.

Though one’s opinion may change about the ‘Fear Street Part Three 1666’ after the second half, it is not predicted as the first half. Though we may not be giving the entire spoilers of the second half as would ruin your experience of watching the film in the end, Deena and the rest of the teenagers who were survived from the first and the second edition of the film will all come together and break the curse for once and all.

Fear Street Part Three 1666 was the ultimate final part of this trilogy, and it ended with the break of the curse, and this end could be highly anticipated considering the backlog of the last two films of this franchise. It ended with a satisfying note with all the loose ends that start to meet at the film’s end.

Where to Watch Fear Street Part Three:1666?

Where to Watch Fear of Street Part 1, 2, and 3? 

Well, to enjoy all the parts of Fear of Street, you can tune into Netflix as all the parts were released in part by part on the streaming platform. Fear Street Part Three: 1666 was released on July 16, 2021, on Netflix. The previous two films, the first titled “Fear Street Part One: 1994,” was released on July 2, 2021, followed by the second film titled “Fear Street Part Two: 1978” on July 9, 2021.

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