Never Have I Ever Season 2 Ending Explained: With Whom Does Devi End-Up With?
Never Have I Ever Season 2 Ending Explained: With Whom Does Devi End-Up With?

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Ending Explained: With Whom Does Devi End-Up With?

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Never Have I Ever Season 2 was released on July 15, 2021, on Netflix. Never Have I Ever Season 2 is an American teen comedy-drama. The protagonist is an American Indian teenager, Devi Vishwakumar, played by debutant Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who is an overachiever but a hot-tempered girl at the same time.

In Never Have I Ever Season 1, as well as in Season 2, the viewers get acquainted with the school life, as well as the family life of Devi. In her school life, Devi’s wishlist includes being the coolest kid in school, dating the hot guy, Paxton Hall-Yoshida, played by Darren Barnet, while competing with her academic nemesis Ben Gross, played by Jaren Lewison.

At the home front, she has to deal with her father, Mohan’s sudden death during a school music recital, her mother, Nalini’s high handedness, and amidst all this, also manages to inspire her cousin, Kamala, to have the courage to take a stand for herself.

What Happens in Never Have I Ever Season 2?

At the beginning of Never Have I Ever Season 2, Nalini catches Devi kissing Ben. Nalini gets furious at Devi as it was a very emotional family moment. It was Mohan’s birthday, and Nalini had come to spread his ashes into the sea, which was Mohan’s favorite spot.

Nalini blames Devi for spoiling the sanctity of the moment, while in her defense, Devi has to say that she had reached there on time because of Ben, and it was an emotional moment in which she had kissed him.

In Never Have I Ever Season 2, viewers find Devi juggling between two boyfriends. When Devi returns home after the ceremony, she finds Paxton waiting for her at her doorstep. Devi decides to two-time the two guys for the time being in Never Have I Ever Season 2.

Paxton is her ultimate crush, and she likes the proximity of Ben as well. Nalini had decided to shift to India with Devi so that they could live closer to their relatives. Devi thinks that she can have the best of both worlds by dating both of them, and by the time they would come to know of it, she would be entirely out of the picture.

At Devi’s farewell party thrown by her friends to honor her departure, her two-timing gets exposed, and both of her boyfriends walk out on her. Ben refuses to even speak to her, while Paxton, who is on talking terms with her but refuses to have any more profound relationship with her.

Meanwhile, her trip to India gets canceled, which leaves Devi in a quandary. In a fit of temper, she also spreads a rumor about a classmate, Aneesa, which even gets Aneesa suspended, though this wasn’t Devi’s intention.

To top it all, Devi also finds out that her mother was having an affair with her colleague, Dr. Jackson. She is shocked at this revelation as she thinks that it is too early since her father’s death for her mother to be moving on and dating another guy.

Who Does Devi End Up With in Never Have I Ever Season 2?

By the end of Never Have I Ever Season 2, it becomes clear who is the boyfriend of Devi. On the occasion of the school dance, Devi remains without a partner, with Ben who had started seeing Aneesa, and Paxton, too, showing his disinterest. Devi, a die-hard romantic at heart, had huge expectations for this occasion.

However, at the end of Never Have I Ever Season 2, when Devi had given up hope of finding a partner and was about to leave, Paxton turns up after having realized how much Devi had helped him in the past year both academically and otherwise.

They enter the school dance as a couple and do a slow ball dance on a fast Kylie Minogue track. Ben, meanwhile, seems shaken to see them together, especially when Eleanor tells him that Devi actually liked Ben, but when Ben stopped talking to her, she was left with no option but to go back to Paxton.

Never Have I Ever Season 2

Never Have I Ever Season 2 closed with the declaration that Paxton is Devi’s boyfriend. This had been Devi’s dream as she had idolized the high school athlete for a long time. However, there is more to their relationship than what meets the eye.

Devi and Paxton don’t seem to be a perfect couple. What Devi feels for him might be a mere infatuation, and the fact that Paxton gave Devi some importance in his life and even patched up with her more than once is because she had been a great help to him.

In fact, he didn’t even want to be seen with her in public in the beginning. He went to the school dance in Never Have I Ever Season 2 with Devi only after realizing that Devi’s company might help him improve his grades which would help him get to college. So, Paxton being a changed person seems to be a remote possibility, and this give-and-take relationship might not last long with Devi’s hot-headedness and Paxton’s fickle-mindedness.

Devi’s late father had also told her in her dream that she deserved better than a guy who tries to hide her. With Ben almost having revealed his feelings for Devi, their relationship seems to have the potential to develop further in the future post Never Have I Ever Season 2.

What Happens To Kamala in Never Have I Ever Season 2?

Never Have I Ever Season 2 also shows Devi’s polite and meek cousin Kamala follow her heart. In Never Have I Ever Season 2, Kamala is thrilled to get a research post under the person she idolized. However, she comes to know that she would be working under his boastful subordinate.

She also gets bullied by her fellow researchers, who are jealous of her popularity. Her fiance, too, refuses to support her, saying, ironically, to keep her chin up and head down and keep playing the game.

Ultimately, Kamala, seeking inspiration from Devi, walks out on her supervisor after putting him firmly in place in Never Have I Ever Season 2. Not only this, a few days later, she also walks or rather sneaks out of her proposal dinner where her future in-laws had come all the way from India to settle the marriage. From there, she heads straight to Devi’s school dance, where one of the teachers looks particularly fond of her.

In a surprising move in Never Have I Ever Season 2, the demure Kamala not only walks out on her boss but walks out of her marriage as well. Though her fiance is shown to be very much in love with her, the fact that he failed to stand up for her made her take this decision. She is likely to date Devi’s high school teacher after Never Have I Ever Season 2.

Never Have I Ever Season 2
Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode Stills

Never Have I Ever Season 2-Does Nalini Finally Move on?

Meanwhile, Nalini had to break up with the doctor, following Devi’s strong disapproval in Never Have I Ever Season 2. Nalini had tried to move on and found Dr. Jackson, whom she was pretty wary of as a competitor, to be very supportive and a very charming person. Being a single parent himself, he sympathized with her and seemed very disappointed when Nalini decided to break up. However, it might not be the end for them as a pair.

In addition, Nalini’s mother-in-law supporting her move was a welcome surprise for her in Never Have I Ever Season 2. So, in the future, Devi might be able to see things from a different perspective, and the relationship between Nalini and Jackson might grow post Never Have I Ever Season 2, as they seem ideally suited for one another.

Tennis legend John McEnroe as the narrator who lets the viewer know things about Devi’s life they otherwise might not get to know, is a bonus for McEnroe’s fans. Having John McEnroe as the narrator from Devi’s perspective was a perfect choice, Devi’s father being a huge fan of him. Also, John McEnroe was known for hot-headedness, and Devi’s character is also shown to be very hot-tempered. So, despite a 45 year age gap, they have much in common.

Never Have I Ever Season 2-Where to Watch It Online?

Never Have I Ever Season 2 is currently available on Netflix for streaming, so if you haven’t watched a single episode of Never Have I Ever, we would recommend you to stream into Netflix and stream both Season 1 and Season 2 from there. Never Have I Ever Season 2 was released on July 15th, 2021. That’s all for now; for more interesting updates related to your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Gaming or Technology, stay tuned to MediaScrolls and bookmark our website.

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