Netflix Has Brought in Mike Verdu as the VP of Game Development
Netflix Has Brought in Mike Verdu as the VP of Game Development

Netflix Has Brought in Mike Verdu as the VP of Game Development

Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Netflix is looking after an executive who will be looking into the entire part of game development and putting a bigger push in this new field. The company aims to produce something that will be either like an Apple Arcade or like an Xbox Game Pass subscription. A spokesperson has confirmed that the company has hired Mike Verdu. He will be holding the position of the Vice President of game development and will be reporting to Greg Peters, the COO of the company.

Netflix might soon be providing games to its subscribers along with the streaming content that it has to offer. This will just be like a new genre section, how we find documentaries and animated films. We will be seeing the games as well with no extra cost charged from the subscribers.

Netflix brings Mike Verdu to look after its venture into games.

Mike Verdu has been a former executive in a couple of mobile gaming companies like Zynga. He has also run EA Mobile for one full year with excellent results. Very recently, he was working with Facebook to acquire several game developers from Oculus. A few of these game developers were from BigBox VR who had developed Population: One.

In the month of April, the last earnings call was done, and after that, Peter mentioned that Netflix was in the business of making and developing an amazing universe. This universe will be consisting of several characters who are really very compelling. There are so many people who want to connect with these characters and know their backstories. This will help them understand and connect even more. Netflix is trying to build this connection much more than how it has approached now. It is bringing its games which will help the audience interact even more with the characters.

Peter believes that games are really very interesting components that help in building a bond with the characters. The games are also an excellent form of entertainment and an important form that will make the fans get attached even more. So Netflix will carry on experimenting with games for some time now and check whether their thoughts and actions bring a better experience.

Mike Verdu-New VP of Netflix Gaming
Mike Verdu-New VP of Netflix Gaming

The list of games that Netflix might develop include Carmen Sandiego and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. They might also develop a Stranger Things game for mobile devices. We have noticed a few of the job openings that Netflix has listed. There is an available position in producing and making new interactive products. These postings, however, do not mention the word gaming. But Netflix has been taking in people who have experience in the field of game development.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to get more such information about the company working on games. There might be exciting games that the company has to offer to all its subscribers and fans. Although the games have not been officially announced, we can expect some very exciting games. A few of the expected games would be on Stranger Things, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and Carmen Sandiego.

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