Fear Street Part Three: 1666
Fear Street Part Three: 1666: Release Date and Where to Watch It?

Fear Street Part Three: 1666: Release Date and Where to Watch It?

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Fear Street Part Three: 1666, the third part of the Fear Street trilogy, is going to be premiered soon on Netflix. The Fear Street trilogy is an American slasher horror film series that has been developed from the horror series books by the same name, written by R L Stine. Stine is a famous children’s horror author and has written the Goosebumps, The Nightmare Room, Mostly Ghostly, and the Rotten School series. He has written fifty other books of the original Fear Street series after it was first published in 1989.

Kyle Killen initially did the cinematic adaption of the story. Later, Janiak and Phil Graziadie, too, worked on the script for its Netflix adaption. Leigh Janiak has also directed all three films of the series. Though initially written for kids, Fear Street has received an R rating due to the blood, gore, and violence in the movie.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 Release Date and Where Can You Watch It Online?

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 will be released on July 16, 2021, on Netflix. Of the previous two films, the first titled “Fear Street Part One: 1994” was released on July 2, 2021, followed by the second film titled “Fear Street Part Two: 1978” on July 9, 2021.

The Fear Street movies tell the stories of Shadyside, an American town inhabited by working-class families. The three parts also show another town named Sunnyvale. The lifestyles of the two towns are diametrically opposite. Sunnyvale is a peaceful town where no crime has occurred in the past three decades. At Shadyside, murders and violence by psychotic killers are so common that it is nicknamed the Killer Capital of the United States of America.

Fear Street Parts 1 and 2: What Was It About?

Fear Street Part One begins in Shadyside as Heather, played by Maya Hawker, who works at a mall, gets chased and stabbed by a killed wearing a skull mask. The town sheriff, Nick Goode, played by Ashley Zukerman, shoots the killer, who is revealed to be Ryan Torres, played by David W. Thompson. Deena, played by Kiana Madeira, lives in Shadyside and is currently dealing with her breakup with her girlfriend, Sam, played by Olivia Scott Weich, who moved to Sunnyvale after her parents’ divorce.

Sam moves on after the breakup and also starts dating Peter, a jock from Sunnyvale. Deena and Peter confront each other when Peter’s vehicle has an accident. Sam had to be admitted to a hospital after having a vision. When Deena and her friends, Kate and Simon, played by Julia Rehwald and Fred Hechinger, spot a skull-masked man outside Deena’s house. Deena thinks that it is Peter. Deena confronts Sam about this at the hospital when the masked man kills Peter.

Deena and Sam escape together, and when Deena manages to remove the mask from the killer’s face, she finds that it is Ryan, who the sheriff had already shot. Very soon, the crime cases start increasing rapidly in Shadyside when other past killers, too, start making appearances.

Josh reveals that all these crimes relate back to 1666 when a witch named Sarah Fier was hanged at Shadyside for practicing witchcraft. The witch had then sliced open her arm and, with her blood, had cast a spell on the town of Shadyside. In the same year, Sarah had possessed a pastor named Cyrus Miller, who murdered children under her spell. The witch later possessed several other people to spread terror in Shadyside, Ryan being her latest victim.

Kate realizes that even if the killers are killed, they come back, as they can’t be destroyed. They also recognize that this time, the target of the witch is Sam, as she had touched the witch’s bone with her blood after her accident. At the crash site, they discover that the accident had happened over the witch’s grave.

They even try to reinter the bones to stop the killers but to no avail. Ultimately, the killers kill Kate, Simon, and even Sam, but Deena manages to revive Sam. Later, Sam, too, becomes possessed and stabs Deena. Deena saves herself and ties Sam.

In Fear Street Part Two: 1978, C. Berman, the sole survivor of Camp Nightwing, tells Deena and Josh about the massacre of Camp Nightwing. Her sister’s boyfriend, Tommy, gets possessed and goes on a killing spree as an ax murderer. He kills young boys and girls only from Shadyside and not from Sunnyvale. Alice finds the witch’s hands but is unable to reunite them with the witch’s body. Alice and Cindy die, but Nick is able to revive Christine.

In 1994, Deen and Josh were shown to take Sarah’s hand to where her body is buried. Deena starts having a lucid vision when she starts seeing through Sarah’s eyes at the end of the movie.

In this movie as well, Kiana Madeira stars as Deena Johnson, while Ashley Zukerman stars as older Nick Goode. Benjamin Flores Jr. stars as Josh, Olivia Welch as Sam, Sadie Sink as Christine Berman, Emily Rudd as Cindy Berman, Gillian Jacobs as C. Berman, Ted Sutherland as young Nick Goode, Ryan Simpkins as Alice, and Jordana Spiro as nurse Mary Lane.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666
Fear Street Part Three: 1666 To Release on July 16th

What To Expect From Fear Street Part Three: 1666?

As the title suggests, Fear Street Part Three: 1666 will be set in the seventeenth century of America. As Fear Street Part Three: 1666 shows a time more than 300 years back, the viewers are likely to know all about the origin of the 350-year-old curse.

Viewers will also get to see the events of 1666 when the residents of Shadyside had hanged the witch, Sarah Fier, in Fear Street Part Three: 1666. The role of the pastor, Cyrus Miller, in the hanging of Sarah Fier, is also expected to be made clear as Sarah had made him her first victim.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666, being the last installment of the series, all the unanswered questions are likely to be answered. The reason behind the difference between the quality of life of Sunnyvale and Shadyside might also be revealed.

The connection between the sheriffs and the curse is also likely to be exposed in Fear Street Part Three: 1666. The viewers might also get to see some of the actors of the previous movies, in Fear Street Part Three: 1666. Also, the number 1666 in Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is likely to have some significance of its own.

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