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Fifa 22 Ultimate Edition Will be Available at a Higher Price that Fifa 21

Fifa 22 has brought a next-generation update in the game. However, there is a turn of events over here. This upgrade will only be offered to those players who will be purchasing the Ultimate Edition of this game. The Ultimate Edition of the said game will hurt your pockets very much, as it comes at a high cost.

This particular piece of information has been brought to notice by Eurogamer. He has found out this information in an FAQ under Dual Entitlement, which has been listed on the official website of EA. The part on the website reads that the Dual Entitlement will only be available with the purchase of the Ultimate Edition of Fifa 22. If someone has the Standard Edition, then the feature of dual entitlement will not work.

So if anyone is interested in the upgrade, they will have to spend 99.99 US dollars or 89.99 pounds for the Ultimate Edition of the game. The Standard Edition costs around 59.99 US dollars or 59.99 pounds. For the people who will purchase the game on their PlayStation 4 and later shift to their PlayStation 5, they will have to purchase the game again. The game will have to be the PlayStation 5 version for them to play.

Fifa 21 Status

Fifa 22 next-generation upgrade is only available for the players with the Ultimate Edition.

This step that the developers have taken is a totally different strategy. In the previous years, we saw that the game’s dual entitlement was provided to all the players who owned any version either on PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. A next-generation version of Fifa 21 was available at that time with no additional costs if someone had bought either a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S at some point of time in the future.

The people who are interested in buying the next-generation consoles have not been able to do it. There is an immense shortage all over the world with semiconductors, and hence the consoles are also not being manufactured in higher numbers. All these states that the decision will not be taken in a good way by the fans of the game and the other players.

Fifa 22
Ultimate Edition of Fifa 22 will bring in the Dual Entitlement.

The people who are members of the EA Play will get a discount of 10% for the Fifa 22. This states that specifically for them, the price will go down to 89.99 US dollars or 80.99 pounds. The interested people who will pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the game will be receiving an untradeable FUT Heroes player item. This item will be available to the ones who have pre-ordered from the 1st of December. There are only four days for the Early Access, where Fifa points and many other rewards will be available.

EA has announced that Fifa 22 will be released officially on the 1st of October, 2021. Killian Mbappe, the striker from the Paris Saint-German club, will be seen as the cover star. A video showcasing the gameplay of Fifa 22 was also shared on the internet.

This gameplay video showcased the new HyperMotion technology that has been brought into the game. This new technology will deliver the most fluid, responsive, and realistic football experience in the next-generation consoles and even on Stadia.

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