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Samsung Foundry to Begin Mass Production of 3nm Chips
Samsung Foundry to Begin Mass Production of 3nm Chips

Samsung Foundry to Begin Mass Production of 3nm Chips

Samsung Foundry will soon be starting the production of 3nm chips. The production will be happening in large volumes. After TSMC holding the first position worldwide for the production of chips, Samsung has the second position. The 3 nm process, which will be used to process the 3nm Gate All Around Early, will be produced in significant numbers and will start in some time. There are several reports that state this chip will be mainly helpful for internal usage.

One of the Samsung Foundry representatives has mentioned that the company will start mass-producing the 3 nm chips. The timeline that has been fixed for mass-producing these chips will be in 2022.

This will be the 3GAE. It also has a successor, the 3GAP, which stands for 3nm Gate All Around Plus. This node has also been listed on the company’s roadmap.

It is expected that mass production of the node will start in 2023. 2021’s Foundry Forum in China revealed this roadmap. Samsung Foundry brought out the roadmap, and then we saw Weibo and Baidu republishing it.

Samsung Foundry will start the mass production of 3nm chips in 2022

The roadmap which has been showcased for 2022 does not show any massive high volume production. This might be because the chip will be used for making the in-house components.

Even in 2019, we had seen that it was announced in the latter half of 2021, the mass production of 3 GAA (Gate All Around transistor) will begin. The new launch date has been given as 2022.

Samsung Foundry had miscalculated a few of the things which have led to this delay. But this time, there surely will not be any mistake.

A few days ago, we had seen Samsung Foundry registered a new 3 nm chip that used the transistor architecture of Gate All Around. Taping the chip is the final part of its design cycle.

After this, there can be two different outcomes: one is that the chip will not work, and the other one is that the chip works successfully. If the chip does not work, then minor work will be required to be put into the chip, or there might have to be a big change in its design.

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Stay tuned to us to know more about such latest news in technology. The roadmap by Samsung Foundry for 2022 and 2023 seems to be packed with some big mass production for providing a better service to the people.

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