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PUBG Mobile Brings in Tesla Gigafactory in Erangel map

PUBG Mobile Brings in Tesla Gigafactory in Erangel map

PUBG Mobile has been a very successful game when it comes to gaming on smartphones. The game variant which is available for the PCs has also proved to be the same. The developers hence try to please the players even more by bringing more and more updates. The collaborations with several big brands also make the game very exciting. With passing time, we get to see several new features in gameplay and rewards for better playing.

The recent update which we saw in PUBG Mobile is the collaboration it has made with Tesla. This new update will let the players design and build their own vehicles, which will have self-driving skills. The update is Update 1.5. In this, we will find a Gigafactory in the battle royale map of Erangel. In this Gigafactory, the players will be able to build their Tesla Model Y after they are done with activating all the necessary switches.

PUBG Mobile will now let the players build and design their Tesla Model Y.

This vehicle which has the feature of self-driving and which can be built in the Tesla Gigafactory comes with an autopilot mode. This autopilot mode can be utilized on highways on the map to take the players to their chosen location, which they have to mark on the map.

PUBG Mobile
Erangel gets a total technological transformation.

The same update of PUBG Mobile also brings the other car from Tesla, which is known as the Tesla Semi. This is a transportation vehicle and will be seen spawning randomly on the road in the game. The vehicle will be seen driving automatically on a specific route and will provide Supply Crates to the players. The players can also do increased damage to this Semi to get more goods from the Supple Crates.

So we see that the map of Erangel has totally undergone a technological transformation. The introduction of the cars comes along with tons of other features and improvements in gameplay and rewards. Detailed information about them can be obtained on the game’s official website. Although we might see that the game is not the most popular game, it ranks among the top 10 battle royale games, be it Android or iOS.

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