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Evil Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch, and Episode 4 Recap

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Evil Season 2 Episode 5 will have a new case involving Zombies. Yes, you read that right, and we can’t wait to see what the team has in store for us. This week, we’ve got a lot to cover on episode 4. We also have spoilers for the upcoming fifth episode—all that and more on Episode 5, as you read below.

Evil Season 2 Episode 5 to Feature a New Case Involving [Spoilers]

Evil Season 2 Episode 5 is titled “Z Is for Zombies,” and as it suggests, we might be looking forward to having a new case involving Zombies. As of now, every episode of Evil Season 2 has been entertaining and a little bit overarching.

Nevertheless, fans are loving the dynamics between the actors, so who are we to blame. There are tons of things to explore as Evil prepares to go beyond their initial half, and a new case involving ‘Zombies’ awaits the trio of Ben, Kristen, and David.

Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers

A Big Mind F### to Happen Later in Evil Season 2, Reveals Aasif Mandvi aka Ben

Additionally, we have insight into the show’s future episodes, and it’s only going to get more entangled in its cryptic reality of exorcism, religion, and societal dogmas.

In an interview with TVLine, the actor playing Ben, Aasif Mandvi, reveals that moving forward, there is one episode in which Ben, Kristen, and David will have a case to investigate a mysterious ‘God helmet.’ The helmet isn’t like anything they have seen, as some people claim to have seen God. He says it’s a “mind f###’ of an episode that will come out later in season 2.

He adds that they have visions of things with the ‘God helmet,’ and Ben will have a chance to travel back to India and visit his mother, who is dead. He didn’t spill any further but assures that the team has cleverly scripted, and fans will love it.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

Evil Season 2 Episode 5 will premiere on July 18, 2021, Sunday, and Patricia Ione Lloyd has worked on the scripts. New episodes premiere every Sunday, and the usual episode length is around one hour.

Where to watch Evil Season 2 Episode 5?

The show currently airs on ‘Paramount+,’ so you would need an active subscription on the platform to watch episode 5. Additionally, you can watch Evil on platforms like Fubo and DirecTV. If you receive geo-related issues accessing the show, we recommend using a VPN to bypass that.

Evil Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Evil Season 2 Episode 4 is titled “E Is for Elevator,” and it followed a new case as the trio went on to investigate the sudden disappearance of a teenage boy named ‘Wyatt.’ The episode kicked off with Kristen and Ben going to the Sawyers without the company of David. The case, as weird as it seems, focused on Wyatt Sawyers, who mysteriously disappeared.

As they proceeded with their investigation, they saw pentagrams drawn on the floors of his bedroom and an obscure-looking message ‘EL Game 8-4-2-13-1.’ Kristen, on the other hand, does something she never imaged before. She involves her three daughters, and with their help, they conclude that the message indicated a Japanese game.

We assure you that the game is not an enticing one, as it’s a way that lets the players have a free trip to hell; all they have to do is press the elevator buttons in a particular order.

We get to know that the consequences of failing to abide by the rules are severe, as the player would be haunted, and they will get instructions of carving out a pentagram. It explains the pentagram on Wyatt’s bedroom floor.

What happened to Wyatt’s girlfriend, Felicia?

Upon checking the security footage, Ben, Kristen, and her daughters found Ben taking to the elevator only never to come out. There is something seriously terrible happening behind the scenes, and soon, the group learns about Felicia, Wyatt’s girlfriend.

Similar to Wyatt, Felicia played the game and shared the same fate. Despite the current situation at hand, the police department had a different theory. They believed that Wyatt ran off on his own.

We have a separate segment where Ben takes Vanessa’s help and learns about the ghost haunting the apartment where Wyatt lives. We are talking about Teke Teke, a teenage girl who also met untimely death playing the Elevator game.

The problem occurs when the person playing the game cannot press the button to the 13th floor, and to overcome this, Kristen decides to have her shot at the game. She decides to take one of Kurt’s pills to see through the hallucinations.

Kristen and Ben both try their turn with the Elevator Game

She stopped exactly between floors 12 and 14, and in doing so, she encounters the infamous Teke Teke. She someone manages to snap out of it and blames Kurt for the pills he gave her.

On the other hand, Ben visits the elevator and manages to reach the area where he discovers the bodies of Wyatt and Felicia. Things have got from bad to worse for Ben, as he is in the same situation as the kids trapped underneath.

Ben soon realizes his impending fate, so he bids an emotional farewell message to his friends and family. His lady demon visits him but is surprised at Ben’s behavior. As Ben began to lose hope, miraculously, the elevator doors open as David and Kristen manages to save their partner.

Overall yet another thrilling episode that will you on the edge of your seat, and we hope to see the same drama on Evil Season 2 Episode 5.

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