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Virgin River Season 4: Release Date and What To Expect From The New Season?
Virgin River Season 4: Release Date and What To Expect From The New Season?

Virgin River Season 4: Release Date and What To Expect From The New Season?

Virgin River Season 4 shooting is likely to start later this month, though Netflix is yet to issue an official confirmation. Everything the viewers need to know about Virgin River Season 4 is revealed here.

The protagonist of Virgin River is Melinda Monroe, also known as Mel, a character played by Alexandra Breckenridge. Mel moves from LA to a remote northern California town called Virgin River to work as a nurse practitioner and midwife.

She carries a burden of emotional baggage of her painful past which she wants to get rid of. Mel had lost her husband, Mark, just a year ago in a car accident. Somehow, she feels responsible for his death, as they were having an argument just before the accident.

She hopes to find peace in the small rural mountain town of the Virgin River. However, when she arrived, she discovered that things were not as she had expected and decided to return. But due to bad weather, she stays back and gets to meet Jack Sheridan.

After retiring from Marine Corps, Jack had settled in the Virgin River and opened an eating establishment with a friend, Preacher. Martin Henderson has played the character of Jack. Mel and Jack develop a bond, and she stays on.

Virgin River Season 4

When will Virgin River Season 4 Release?

Virgin River Season 4 is most likely to be released in the latter part of 2022, and its trailer is expected to be released a few weeks earlier. Season 1 of the series was premiered on December 16, 2019, while season 2 was premiered on November 27, 2020. Season 3 was aired on July 9, 2021.

Virgin River is a television series based on the novel series by the same name, written by Robin Carr. Robin Carr doubles as the executive producer of the series as well. The main cast of Virgin River includes Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, and Jenny Cooper.

Season 3 has just concluded now, and as of now, you can stream the third season of Virgin River on Netflix.

What Happened in Virgin River Season 3?

The tenth and final episode of Virgin River Season 3 was titled “A Wedding, No Funeral and A Baby.” It begins with Doc, played by Tim Matheson, Jack, and Mel, discussing the condition of Hope, played by Annette O’Toole, who had an accident in the previous episode. Her condition is critical, and she has her brain bleeding.

Later, Mel comes to know that she is pregnant but doesn’t reveal this to Jack as yet. Jack brings in the good news that Hope’s condition is stable. The preacher agrees to be partnered with Jack. Jack discloses to Preacher that he would propose to Mel and that Preacher was going to be the Best Man at their wedding.

Meanwhile, Brie, Jack’s sister, played by Zibby Allen, tells Mel that she is leaving town and can’t tell this to Jack. She asks Mel to reveal this news to Jack. Brie also reveals to Mel about her traumatic past when she was raped by her ex, the attorney, which led to her miscarriage. Mel tries to comfort her.

Preacher meets Sally, trying to convince Preacher that Paige wishes to turn herself in but not before seeing her son Christopher. Preacher tells Sally that this is not possible and that he wants to see her. They then go to a cabin to meet Paige, where he gets dizzy and collapses. However, Sally doesn’t seem even a bit surprised.

Virgin River Season 3 Trailer

Charmaine informs Jack that she has married Todd. She also assures him that Todd is a good person and Jack does not have to worry about their children’s future. Jack is surprised at the suddenness of this and is in no mood to give up his children’s custody and has already hired a family attorney to fight his case. Todd, in turn, does not want to see Jack anywhere near his family.

Calvin’s car corners Brady’s vehicle and tells him that all charges against him have been dropped and even offers to help him. However, Brady informs the criminal that he wants nothing to do with him or his drugs business. Calvin threatens him in return.

Ricky, played by Grayson Gurnsey, apologizes to Lizzie, played by Sarah Dugdale, for having messed up. Lizzie tells him that she loved and supported him. This being in the past, not lost on Ricky. Lizzie’s ex-boyfriend, Parker, too, turns up. Lizzie tells him later that she doesn’t trust him anymore, to which Parker expresses his apology.

Brie and Brady (played by Benjamin Hollingsworth) meet at Brady’s house first, and later, they watch a movie together. Brie informs him about her decision to leave the Virgin River. Brady, who is falling in love with her, asks her to stay some time longer. This is when Sheriff Duncan arrives with a search warrant for Brady. Mike tells Brie that she deserves better.

A new character, a hiker, comes to Virgin River searching for his grandfather, the Doc. The Doc himself is not well and is in the hospital. Muriel shows him a photo blanket having pictures of Hope and Doc that the community has made. Doc tells her that Hope has developed a fever. Muriel tries to comfort Doc, but he continues to blame himself.

When confronted by the Police, Brady tells them that they are wasting their time. But when they find a gun in his car, the one that has been used to shoot Jack, he gets arrested. He tells Brie that he is innocent.

Jack and Mel go to a scenic spot, where Jack reminisces about the time he fell in love with her. Just as he is about to propose to Mel, she informs him that she is pregnant. Jack says that this is good news, but Mel announces that she is not sure if Jack is the child’s father.

What To Expect From Virgin River Season 4?

Mel Announced her Pregnancy-Is this the new begaining of Jack and Mel?
Mel announced her Pregnancy at the end of Season 3-Is this the new beginning of Jack and Mel?-via Netflix Virgin River

Virgin River Season 3 has left so many questions unanswered that there is very little chance of Virgin River Season 4 not being made. All the main characters are also likely to return to Virgin River Season 4. The questions that viewers have that are likely to be answered in Virgin River Season 4 include whether Preacher seems to have got into deep trouble and about the intentions of Sally and Paige.

Virgin River Season 4 will also answer the question of whether Paige will go to prison. In that case, her son Christopher will either be sent to foster care or be handed over to her abusive ex, Wes.

Virgin River Season 4 will show whether Hope is going to survive. She had not featured much in season 3. This may be because her exit has been planned. Virgin River Season 4 will reveal the identity of the hiker, who has arrived in town, and his relation to the Doc.

Virgin River Season 4 will also show whether Lizzie will go for Ricky or back to Parker. Brie, being a lawyer, is likely to defend Brady in Virgin River Season 4. Is she going to abandon her plan of leaving Virgin River and help Brady? In any case, Calvin and his suppliers are likely to go after Brady in Virgin River Season 4.

In Virgin River Season 4, viewers will get to see whether Charmaine’s marriage to Toddy is going to last. Virgin River Season 4 will show what will happen to the dirty custody battle ensuing between her and Jack.

Last but not least, in Virgin River Season 4, viewers will get to see whether Mel and Jack finally marry or not and whether the baby she is carrying is Jack’s or whether it is her late husband’s baby, from the frozen embryos left by Mark and her. There is also a massive possibility of Mel and Jack getting married and having children of their own, which the viewers are going to love.

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