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Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained: Did We Find Who Shot Jack?
Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained: Did We Find Who Shot Jack?

Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained: Did We Find Who Shot Jack?

Virgin River Season 3 Complete Recap and Ending

Virgin River Season 3 Ending finished on a cliffhanger note. If you have already watched season 3, then you might have so many questions related to season 3, such as ‘Who Shot Jack?’, ‘Who is Doc’s Grandson?’, ‘Is Preacher Alive?’, ‘Is Mel Pregnant?’. Well, to answer all those questions, let’s dive deep into the article and discuss what has happened in Virgin River Season 3.

The Season 3 of Virgin River mainly focused on the romantic relationship between Mel and Jack as they planned to start a family together. If you remember the cliffhanger ending of Virgin River Season 2, Jack was shot at the bar; after that, in Season 3, we witness Jack not being able to recall the moments of he being shot. But as the wound damage wasn’t that serious, so he recovered from the traumatic injury soon.

A Short Recap of the Events of Virgin River Season 3

In season 3, we mainly witnessed his relationship with Mel growing both planned to move together and then even discuss having kids. On the other hand, Doc was suffering from Macular Degeneration disease, an eye disease that worsened over time. Doc is currently worried that he might get a permanent vision loss due to the condition.

On the other hand, Hope is out of town at the moment helping her aunt Lily who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. Brie and Brandy also starts to get close to Brandy, and as soon as it grows, Brie grows suspicious and blames Brandy for attempting to shot Jack, but Brandy denies all the acquisitions given by Brie,

On the other side of the story, we witnessed Christopher and Preacher trying to develop a father-son bond as Paige was not in town at that time. In the finale of season 3 of Virgin River, we saw Hope, while going back for Lily’s funeral, getting into an accident, and is severely injured. Brie also reveals her former boyfriend assaulted her physically. Charmaine and Todd are now planning to get married.

Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained-Who Shot Jack?

Well, the Virgin River season 3’s biggest mystery was who shot Jack. As discussed above, Brie was suspicious of Brandy and believed that Brandy was the one who shot Jack at the bar, and even all the fingers were pointing at Brandy at that time.

Although in most parts of season 3, Jack couldn’t recall the moments at the bar, he briefly remembered one thing: a fellow Marine friend was present as well in the bar. But there wasn’t any solid evidence that Brandy was the one who shot Jack; however, at the end of season 3, we witnessed Brandy being taken into custody for the attempt of murder as police manage to find a gun which they think Brandy might have used that night.

But with Brandy pleading that he is not responsible for attacking Jack, we think he might be right. Although previously he has worked for a drug lord, in season 3, we mostly witness him trying to turn his life over by making his business legit, most importantly caring for Brie.

As per our assumptions, we think it is Mike who might be responsible for the attack on Jack, as, in a brief conversation between Mike and Brandy, Mike suggests that Brandy might have attempted to kill Jack to be in the good books of Calvin.

But as Brandy, as shown in season 3, was able to sort his life out, even his business was now legal. So it seems he is entirely innocent now, and it is Mike who might be responsible for attempting to kill Jack. After trying to shoot Jack at the bar, we believe Mike might be the one who planted the Gun in Brandy’s car. But although we are unsure of Mike’s motive behind this, we will get more of our answers in Virgin River Season 3.

Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained-Jack and Mel
Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained-Jack and Mel

What Happens to Hope in Virgin River Season 3? Is he Dead?

No, Hope is not dead in Virgin River season 3, but it seems her future doesn’t look good in the series, as well as Netflix is yet to confirm if Annette O’Toole will return in season 4. In season 3, we witnessed Hope getting into an accident on her way to Lily’s funeral, and after the accident, we noticed she was seriously injured and was in Coma.

In the last bit of glimpse of season 3, we witnessed DOC waiting with Muriel at the hospital waiting to hear on Hope’s condition and as doctors tell that Hope has developed an infection that makes her chances of surviving bit tough, but fate as of now lies at the hands of O’Toole.

What happens to Preacher in Virgin River season 3?

Paige’s friend probably drugged Preacher’s soda so that it can help Wes to take Christopher away, and in the end, we witness him be hindered in the Woods. Christopher was then bought home with the pizza, and then we notice Paige’s ex-husband Vince waiting in the back.

Maybe his ultimate motive was to kidnap Christopher, and Preacher might have been caught in the crossfire. Let’s hope this will not sabotage his plans to partner up with Jack. Given that Paige is on the run now and wants to give herself to the authorities, it seems Peacher is now out of the equation. Maybe in season 4, we will witness Preacher attempting to get back to Christopher.

Preacher In Virgin River Season 3
Preacher In Virgin River Season 3

What is the Identity of Doc’s grandson?

By far, the best shocking moments of the series were shown at the finale of Virgin River Season 3 Finale. In the season 3 finale, we witness a fresh face in the series that walks out of the rain into Jo Ellen’s bed and asks for a room, and when jo Ellen asks what brings him here, he says he is looking for his grandfather.

Who is Doc's Grandson?
Who is Doc’s Grandson?

It shocks Jo Ellen because Doc and Hope, after being married for long, never had any kids together. Previously they had broken, and at that time, Doc had a relationship with Charmaine’s mom. Maybe that might have lead to this outcome. Whatever the reason, perhaps we can agree that Doc’s life now will be more complicated in season 4.

The reason being as of now, we don’t know much about the affair that Doc had with Charmaine’s mom; maybe Charmaine’s mom might have kept a secret about her pregnancy, and then there are multiple possibilities attached to the story right now, and perhaps we will get our answers soon in the next season of Virgin River.

Mel Announced her Pregnancy: Is Jack the Father of Mel’s Baby?

Did Mel announce her Pregnancy-Is this the new beginning of Jack and Mel?
Did Mel announce her Pregnancy-Is this the new beginning of Jack and Mel?

Another important announcement was made at the end of season 3 of Virgin River was the pregnancy of Mel. She dropped this bomb at the finale of Virgin River Season 3 and announced that she is pregnant. But there is more to it as she doesn’t know if Jack is the father of her child.

If we remember the early seasons of Virgin River Season 3, we must remember one very key detail: Mel once visited the Los Angeles fertility clinic. Previously Mel and her late husband were trying to have a baby, and maybe extra embryos were housed in the fertility clinic, and she might have gone through the procedure when she and Jack were on break. The confusion for the viewers is that we don’t know if Mel’s late husband Mark’s baby or Jack and Mel will finally have their baby. For this, we will have to wait for the next season of the Virgin River.

If you want more updates regarding Virgin River Season 4, don’t forget to stay tuned to MediaScrolls. We will soon make a dedicated article to discussing the possibilities of Virgin River Season 4. So till then, stay tuned, and you can stream season 3 of  Virgin River on Netflix.

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