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The Tomorrow War Review: Chris Patt’s Sci-Fi Action Drama on Amazon Prime Video is Worth the Watch

The Tomorrow War, which has debuted on Amazon Prime Video, is a sci-fi thriller movie. The events happen when a group of time travelers, who are also soldiers, come to Earth in the year 2022 with an important message. They told everyone that humanity will go to war with some dangerous aliens after thirty years and will almost be on the verge of losing the war.

These soldiers need fighters from 2022 to go back with them in the future and fight the war with them. Among the group of people who decide to go in the future is Dan Forrester. He is actually an ex-military veteran and a school teacher who decides to go with them to save the world for his daughter, Murie. He decides that he will fight for the fate of the planet. If you want to watch The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video, then here are a few things that you might have to know.

The actors in the movie are Yvonne Strahovski, Chris Pratt, J.K. Simmons, Sam Richardson, Betty Gilpin, Edwin Hodge, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Keith Powers, and Jasmine Mathews. Chris McKay is the director, and Zach Dean has written the movie. The movie’s executive producers are Rob Cowan, Bradley J. Fischer, Brian Oliver, and Chris Pratt.

All that you have to know about time traveling and fighting the aliens in The Tomorrow War.

The Tomorrow War has brought in a good tone and setup for a sci-fi movie that is packed with action. The concept of traveling across in order to fight with the aliens sounds really cool as well. The movie portrays very nicely how the world would react if there is actually an alien invasion in the future. The present-day world would quickly shift to the overkilling mode and call in more troops to kill these aliens known as White Spikes. Many people all across the globe protest against the government because of their decision to send people to the future to fight with the aliens.

The action scenes that we will see in the movie are really good. However, we cannot call them the best that we have seen, but they are surely very entertaining. The writing and dialogues could have been a bit better. There were several parts where the interaction between the characters felt very forceful and unnatural. It also feels that some parts of the storyline of the movie are explained via exposition.

Insights into the story of Dan and Murie

The Tomorrow War focuses on the father-daughter relationship between Dan and his daughter, Murie. Both of them have a complex relationship with each other, and while they set out to save the world, they bond even more. It will seriously remind you of Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder. Even over there, we saw a dangerous heist being done with the father and daughter combo. However, in this movie, the audience will get to feel the importance of only these two characters, while the others seem to be very insignificant.

The Tomorrow War
The father-daughter bond has been over-emphasized.

Time traveling does not seem to be very easy.

The Tomorrow War shows time travel, and this can be a bit complex for the audience. We will see that the movie is trying to explain to us some of the rules of time travel in the very beginning. As the story continues, we find that these rules and the sci-fi elements become very complicated for people to understand. These facts do not seem to be as convoluted as the ones we see in the movies made by Christopher Nolan.

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If the time-traveling part would have been made better, then The Tomorrow War could come out much better. Avengers: Endgame also focused a lot on time travel, but it was not confusing at all over there. The steps taken to build the relationship between the father and the daughter have also taken away the charm of time travel a bit. However, no doubt, The Tomorrow War has a really interesting concept that could build an amazing movie. The action with the aliens seems to be very repetitive at times, and it feels that the film lacks some amount of lustre. With better writing and better execution, the movie could come out to be much better than what it is presently.

Where to Watch It Online?

The Tomorrow War starring Chris Patt is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. You can just click on this link to get redirected to Amazon Prime Vidoes and enjoy the new sci-fi action thriller.

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