Assassination Classroom-Why Does Koro Sensei Decide to Teach Class-3E?
Assassination Classroom-Why Does Koro Sensei Decide to Teach Class-3E?

Assassination Classroom: Why Koro Sensei Decided to Teach Class-3E?

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In our previous article, we have discussed the details of Assassination Classroom Season 3. But some viewers might have questions like why Koro Sensei decided to become a teacher suddenly and why he only chose to be the teacher of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School? So to answer that, we will discuss his motive of becoming the Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

Those who don’t know about the Manga Koro Sensei was a human being once born in a poor family and raised in a harsh environment at a young age, understood to survive here, so he cannot trust anyone. So he decided to become an Assassin.

Koro Sensei’s Early Life

Koro Sensei, after becoming an Assassin, achieved the highest rank, which is the rank of ‘Master Assassin.’ He was known as ‘The Reaper’ that time once he assassinated a wealthy businessman, but his child somehow was attracted to Koro’s killing techniques. So Koro decided to teach him how to become an assassin like him.

Much later in the story, the child, after mastering the art of becoming an assassin, backstabbed Koro. Koro was then captured in a shady lab research center run by Kotaro Yanagisawa. In the research lab, they experimented on him as they wanted to find a large amount of anti-matter.

In the process, The Reaper, aka Koro, met Aguri Yukimura, the wife of Kotaro Yanagisawa. In the first meet, Koro befriended Aguri. But the scientist experimented on his body to the limit when his body literally gave up once.

Only Aguri was the one who was comforting Koro. As both Koro and Aguri grew closer, Koro sometimes agreed to her requests, which raised questions among her colleagues. And this is where his love for teaching also sparked.

Yanagisawa, at that time, began questioning what would happen if Koro’s anti-matter after he dies, so to test that theory, they decided to send a Rat to the moon.

They first killed the Rat to see what would happen and what they witness after that was shocking; after the Rat was dead, a volatile chain reaction was created and turned 70 percent of the moon’s matter into anti-matter. Hence what happened to the moon was not Koro’s fault.

Scientists witnessing this started realizing that soon will happen to Koro dies as well. They believed that he would be going to destroy the Earth as well. Once Aguri tells this to Koro, Koro gets annoyed and unleashed destruction to the whole facility, by which Aguri also gets injured.

Assassination Classroom Season 3
Koro-Sensei the best teacher ever!

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Why Does Koro Sensei Decide to Teach Class-3E?

Aguri and Koro Sensei fell in love when Koro was taken in the Lab, and they were experimenting on him. Kotaro Yanagisawa ran the Lab, and they were looking to develop large amounts of anti-matter. So when Koro destroyed the Lab, Aguri was also severely injured.

During the last few moments, she told Koro that he can do much more good for the people and told Koro that her last wish before dying is Koro to teach her class. And it turns out the class she used to teach was Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

So Koro, to fill the last wish of her love, Aguri decided that he will tell everyone that he would destroy the Earth in the next year March. In the meantime, he will also teach the class 3-E students of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

Due to the experiments done in the Lab with the anti matters, Koro possessed some supernatural abilities, so he used that for blackmailing the government officials so that they can fear him and let him take over the teaching position of class 3-E. And it did happen the leaders finally decided to give Koro Sensei the teaching position in Kunugigaoka Junior High School, which was the last wish of his love Aguri.

If You are just starting off with the anime, you might believe that Koro Sensei is the series’s main antagonist. But in many of the cases, you might feel his pain that he doesn’t want to destroy the Earth; he wants to teach the students of class-3E and help them overcome their failures.

He shows lots of passion while teaching. One of the main reasons people love Koro’s character so much is that he is the best teacher and a friend. Although whenever students get a chance, they want to assassinate him, in reality, Koro Sensei is the one who truly cares about every individual in the anime.

Even you can see later in season 2 that the students are not really on board with the Idea that Koro Sensei wants to destroy the Earth. From the beginning of the series, Koro was already aware that he would die anyway with all the experiments performed. Still, to make his last days count, he chooses to become a teacher to fulfill the last wish of Aguri.

Koro-Sensei the best teacher ever!

Assassination Classroom Season 3: What is the Possibility of the Show Returning for a Third Season?

Will Koro Sensei Return in Assassination Classroom Season 3?

Assassination Classroom Season 3 hasn’t been renewed for season 3 yet, but there was some speculation at the end of season 2. At the conclusion of season 2, we witnessed the 3-E students successfully assassinated Koro-Sensei.

Therefore it was suggested that Koro return in a spin-off series in which he will return as the demon king with new plans and agendas. There was a spin-off manga as well, which was titled Koro Sensei Quest (Koro-Sensei Q).

The Spin-Off Manga Koro-sensei Q was written and illustrated by Kizuku Watanabe and Jo Aoto, set on an alternate timeline than the original series.

This alternate timeline series of Assassination Classroom was also hinted at that time, but sadly, it didn’t happen either. But after season 2 ending, five years have passed; as of writing this article in July 2021, the studio hasn’t announced any news related to season 3 of Assassination Classroom. But we are keeping our ears open soon as we receive any update from them; we will update this article with the new news.