MSI Bravo 15 comes with the latest processors from AMD

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

MSI, one of the leading manufacturers of design, business, and gaming tech, brings its next and newer generation series of gaming laptops. It is known as the new Bravo 15 and will come equipped with the latest and very powerful AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series mobile processors and will have in its GPU the Radeon RX 5500 M Graphics specifications. The company continues to bring its products with the collaboration of chipsets from AMD. These chips from AMD meet the various demands and needs of the users who are interested in gaming.

How strong and powerful with the MSI Bravo 15 be?

The latest from MSI – Bravo 15, will be equipped with the 7nm chip from AMD, which has cutting-edge technology. This processor is the AMD Ryzen 5000 H series processor. It has a significant improvement in its performance over the previous series of generations by 15%. With such upgrades in performance, the laptop will definitely prove to be one of the best choices when it comes to gamers who are fully mainstream into gaming.

MSI Bravo 15-The laptop will ensure superior performance.

If we look towards the section of the graphics, this laptop comes equipped with the Radeon RX 5500M graphics card. This has the support of the advanced features of Radeon Anti-Lagging, and Radeon Image Sharpening features. This not only enhances the detailing of the image but also lowers the input lag to a great extent. All of them put together will just step up the gaming performance to a whole new level.

What should be our expectations on the gaming capabilities of the MSI Bravo 15 device?

This laptop comes with a super amazing design with the advanced thermal technology of Cooler Boost 5. There are two fans and six pipes for lowering the heat. These heat pipes ensure a better airflow which helps in bringing down the core temperature. Thus, all these indicate and assure the users an ultimate gaming experience. The display has very thin bezels, of 5mm, on the sides. The keyboard is backlit with a number-pad which has been placed independently. There are several hotkeys for all the gamers which will fulfill most of the needs.

The MSI Bravo 15 also brings the new MSI Center application, which will allow all the users to make customizations on the app according to their personal needs. There is also the App Player, which will provide a seamless experience in gaming between the laptop and the mobile. There is also the added feature of modern standby, which has been brought in for the first time. This will also allow the users to log in very quickly and instantly wake up the laptop. There is great balance being assured between the background and the foreground processes that are happening.

Bravo 15
The MSI Bravo 15 laptop makes multi-tasking even easier

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Let us have a look at the specifications of the laptop

In the processor, the very new AMD Ryzen 5000 H series mobile has been used in the MSI Bravo 15. Then we will see an AMD Radeon RX 5500M in the graphics portion of the laptop. The display of the laptop is 15.6 inches in size with an FHD panel. There is a fast refresh rate of 144 Hz on the screen, which makes the experience even better. The RAM used here is of the category DDR4-3200, and a maximum of 64 GB can be set up in the RAM.