Dead Space Remake might soon be announced in the EA Live event

Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Arijit

Dead Space Remake might be very soon in the making, as per a few of the reports. There are several rumors which tell us that EA will reveal a series that is a favorite among the fans during the event of EA Play which will happen in July. We are confirmed that it will be reviving and making a Dead Space Remake.

There are reports which state that this revival will not just be a remake of the Dead Space, but we will also see a remake of Capcom’s recent game, Resident Evil. Back in March, Jeff Grubb had mentioned that EA motive is working towards designing an established IP. This has also been confirmed and verified by Eurogamer. After this, Jeff Grubb also mentioned that in the EA Play live event, which will happen on the 22nd of July, a game developed by EA motive will be revealed. There were a lot of rumors about this said game, and finally, we have realized it will be a Dead Space Remake.

EA brings the Dead Space Remake, thus bringing the game back from the dead.

Jeff Grubb has confirmed that the game in development by the EA Motive is Dead Space, and we will soon get to see the game’s remake. They have good expectations about the performance of the game. Reports state that EA motive is busy taking in notes from Capcom. Capcom has recently made remakes on their game Resident Evil. One of the examples would be the remake of Resident Evil 2, which was brought out in 2019. The fans can now expect a Dead Space Remake very soon to be announced. This game will use the original Dead Space game as a very strong base or foundation.

We will see very modern and advanced visuals in the game with several updates in the gameplay mechanism. These mechanisms will be picked up from the base of the previous games, and then further work will be done on them to make them run better.

Dead Space Remake
The game might get announced on the 22nd of July in EA live event.

Several signs point out that the game will be revealed or announced in the EA Live event of a digital showcase on the 22nd of July. The previous game that the studio had brought in was the Star Wars Squadrons. This was the first major game that was developed in-house. After this, the team of developers had announced that the next game that they will be bringing would be very interesting and will also be a special one. They had also confirmed that it would not be anywhere related to Star Wars.

The EA Motive is currently working on several projects, so this special project that they had mentioned could also be something that is not the Dead Space Remake. But however, if we actually have a remake of the game, it would be very special and exciting.

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