Cristiano Amon wants to take Qualcomm to great heights

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Cristiano Amon, the new CEO of Qualcomm, is aiming towards dominating the laptop market. In the first interview after becoming the CEO, he has mentioned that the business growth or the company’s revenue growth depends a lot on China. China is one of the leading producers of smartphones. Hence, it will elevate the company’s business in chips keeping apart all the political tensions and scenarios that are going on currently.

The CEO also mentions that by the end of 2021, Qualcomm will be ready with a laptop chip that will give tough competition to the chips made by Apple Inc. This chip will ensure better and superior performance, and along with that, it also ensures a longer battery life.

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices have been making chips for a long time now. However, none of their chips have been proven to be as efficient as the M1 chip by Apple. Amon believes that Qualcomm can design a chip that will soon become the best in the market. Designing the chip will require help from the top designers who had earlier worked in Apple but are currently in Qualcomm.

The company wants to dominate the laptop market as well

Cristiano Amon, the new CEO of Qualcomm, is aiming towards dominating the chip market of the laptops.

The CEO mentions that the base of his strategy comes from his experience in the chip market of smartphones. He felt that just providing chips to smartphones is not the only place where the company should limit itself. They will have to go beyond and explore the market of laptop chips as well.

Qualcomm will be aiming towards 5G connectivity in the laptops. This will be achieved by pairing the modems with the powerful CPUs. The company will not be using the core blueprints from Arm Ltd. (a long-time partner of the company); it will be designing customized chips in-house. Amon feels this will be the perfect step toward ensuring proper competition to all its competitors. Cristiano Amon has also started the 1.4 billion dollars purchase of Nuvia, a startup. The company will be selling the chips based on Nuvia in the upcoming years.

Cristiano Amon
The new CEO of the company.

The CEO mentions the need for a chip that provides the best performance and is highly efficient in battery life. He also says that if Arm can design a much better chip than the chip that Qualcomm will design in-house, they will be again partnering with them for this particular project.

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It also seems that Arm Ltd. will be purchased by Nuvia very soon for a whopping amount of 40 billion dollars. This is a merger that the company would definitely want to happen. Amon mentions that his company does not want to start building its own products to enter into the larger market of CPUs, including cloud computing companies with their data centers. It will be licensing the designs made by Nuvia for the cloud computing companies that would want to make their own chipsets. Cristiano Amon has mentioned that he is willing to leverage the assets of the Nvidia CPU for partnering with the companies that would want to build solutions to their data centers.

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