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Battlefield 2042 will come with the support of Nvidia’s DLSS and Reflex

Battlefield 2042 has been revealed very recently. It seems that the fans of the game will be getting even better news. Nvidia and EA have announced that the PC version of the game will support the features of Nvidia’s RTX technologies that are used in gaming. These technologies would include Reflex and DLSS, which will help provide a better frame rate while gaming and reduce latency.

The DLSS technology, which Nvidia has brought in, is a kind of super sampling technology. It will successfully upscale the images which have a lower resolution.

Thus even these images can now be seen in higher resolution without demanding a lot of power from the hardware of the PC components. Several games have been using this new technology of DLSS.

A few of the notable games would be Red Dead Redemption 2 and Doom Eternal. They will soon support the advanced features of DLSS to make the gameplay experience way better. Battlefield 2042 will also be using similar technologies.

The new installment of the Battlefield game, Battlefield 2042, will use Nvidia’s Reflex and DLSS technologies.

Reflex by Nvidia is a kind of toolkit that measures the latency of the system and reduces it wherever possible. So the time between the point the mouse is clicked and the fun fires should be as low as possible.

This new technology, Reflex, first came in 2020 and is now compatible with the GeForce GTX 900 series of graphics cards and the ones that came after that. A few competitive games like Valorant and Fortnite also use this technology to make the system run very smoothly.

EA and Nvidia had partnered for Battlefield earlier as well. During that time, they had introduced ray-tracing technologies in the hardware. This technology made the entire gameplay and the reflections in the game appear very real.

This had happened back in 2018. Currently, we see that these technologies will be put to use in Battlefield 2042. However, the users having the Nvidia RTX graphics cards will only be able to utilize this opportunity and these features.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 will support the technologies of DLSS and Reflex. (Image Credit Electronic Arts)

We know the situations currently worldwide are not that good. The entire world is facing a shortage of chips, and hence these graphics cards have all become unavailable.

People are demanding more consoles and PC gaming parts, and hence such products have been very difficult to get your hands on. We hope that the situation gets better soon and people can purchase their gaming parts and consoles and have a good time gaming. Battlefield 2042 will look very amazing and will be very enjoyable when it comes to gaming equipped with these features.

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