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The Elder Scrolls 6 Might Get Delayed, Currently in ‘Design Phase’

The Elder Scrolls Season 6 was announced more than three years ago. However, as well all know, Bethesda has been very careful to reduce the expectations of the people on the release date of their games. Todd Howard, the series director from Bethesda, has mentioned that the upcoming game in this series is undergoing the working phase and is still in design.

Todd Howard has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in the phase where the design is taking place. Along with that, they are also doing several checks on the technology. We all know that every game has some updated suites of tech; hence, we will also find several new additions to the said game. There will be several additions to the Creative Engine 2 of the game, which is very much required.

The wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 continues.

The Elder Scrolls 6
The Elder Scrolls in-game still (via Bethesda).

The comments which Todd Howard made were actually a part of a bigger interview. In this interview, he had mentioned the works happening on the Starfield, Creation Engine, and how efforts are constantly being applied on making a game on India Jones since 2009.

The Indiana Jones game was in the talks and was first revealed to the Executive Producer on the company’s move towards making such a massive game. However, we do not have further information about the game till now; it seems that the game might be in production.

Starfield was recently shown at the E3 2021 very briefly. Bethesda has also opened up a little bit about the present situation it is in. However, the people from the company have made no such comments about the present ongoing conditions or state of The Elder Scrolls 6. It is being assumed that this sci-fi RPG game will be coming up for all its fans in the upcoming year, 2022. According to Bethesda, it will wait for Starfield to be totally ready, and only then will it be announcing or showing something solid to the audience.

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