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Intel LGA18XX

Intel LGA18XX bags more leaks on its name

Recently several leaks of the Intel LGA18XX have landed on the internet. A huge number of people had settled in with the 14nm CPU that Intel had brought in in its 11th generation. These were the Rocket Lake S CPUs, especially for desktops. Intel has been working very hard in making good chips for a new generation of the CPUs having new sockets. An image of the CPU socket has been leaked to add the cherry to the cake, which indicates the upcoming Intel LGA18XX socket.

The leakster @momomo_us, who is known for making several leaks in hardware, has brought out this image. The labels shown on the CPU cover indicate that it will fit the Intel LGA18XX and the Intel LGA17XX sockets. It is clear that that name was referring to the already known LGA1800 socket about the former socket. It is being said that this socket will be featured in the 12th generation Alder lake S CPUs for the desktops from Intel.

The Intel LGA18XX gives another reminder of the upcoming Intel Alder Lake S CPUs.

According to the previous reports, the CPUs belonging to that particular generation will be much different from the ones which are present. The new designs will take out the longer and bigger designing patterns and layouts. This will make it look like the Core Extreme CPUs, which were already there in the past. These are just a few of the specifications that are being expected; however, for the original news to appear, we have to wait till September. After that, we will get to learn more in detail about the CPUs and also about the Intel LGA18XX sockets.

Intel LGA18XX
Intel LGA-17XX/LGA-18XX Leak (@momomo_us)

A bit more interesting part is the support of the LGA17XX, which is there on the cover. This indicated that it could be used or even reused on the AM5 sockets in the upcoming motherboards of AMD. There were also many reports about the fact that there could be a shift from the present PGA design that we see to the LGA design for the upcoming generation. The upcoming generation will have the Zen 4 Ryzen lineup. It seems that this will be the second time when the CPU and GPU manufacturer and designer will be making such a transition. The first time it was done was for the Ryzen Threadripper HEDT CPUs.

Along with this, we also find a rumor that states that this CPU cover might be compatible with the other CPU lineup from Intel, like the Meteor Lake. Currently, there is very little information available about the lineup of the CPUs and the sockets. Stay connected with MediaScrolls for more such updates on the new and upcoming CPUs. Do leave your thoughts on the comments to let us know about your views.

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