Intel LGA18XX

LGA18XX and LGA17XX have been spotted on the internet with leaks

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Intel LGA18XX and LGA17XX sockets have been spotted on the internet. It seems that a similar cover can be utilized for both types of sockets. This makes us believe that both of them could come of the same size. The Intel LGA1800 and LGA1700 have already been seen in a few of the leaks, very broadly, but the Intel LGA18XX has been seen only once. Alder Lake or the Intel 12th Gen Core and even the successor, Raptor Lake, will both be supporting the LGA1700 socket. The Raphael series of AMD Zen4 will also feature the LGA socket, but it will come with more pads.

Details on the sockets of Intel LGA17XX and Intel LGA18XX

The Intel LGA18XX socket has been proved to be compatible, and the photo has been shared on Twitter by @momomo_us. It is not yet sure as to which product could come with this socket. Most of the people would guess that it is going to be the successor of Raptor Lake. It is known as the Meteor Lake, which is the first 7nm architecture developed by Intel.

LGA-17xx and LGA-18xx socket leaked (via: @momomo_us)

Igor Wallossek was the first person who had mentioned the LGA1800 socket. He had also revealed that Intel was also developing a mounting mechanism that is totally new for the LGA1700 and the LGA1800 sockets. What is even more important is that it will confirm the LGA18XX is a socket for Intel and not AMD.

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Another theory states that the LGA18XX socket might be coming for a totally different series, like the Xeon Workstation or some other product about which we have no idea at present. A few rumors state that Intel is planning to keep their LGA1700 sockets for the next three generations. Thus these three generations would include Meteor Lake as well. Currently, we cannot give any kind of confirmation on the claim from the leaks that have been obtained.