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Ghost of Tsushima sequel Ghost of Ikishima has gathered a lot of rumors which build the interest of the fans

Ghost of Ikishima has had several leaks in the market. By the Sucker Punch Studios, Ghost of Tsushima came on the PlayStation 4 and was considered to be a massive hit of the previous generation. There are several news that state there will be a new game that will come up on the next-generation PlayStation 5. The game will be based on the Ghost universe.

We all know Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog are very well known for making some of the best open-world games in the world. When Ghost of Tsushima was released in 2020 during summer, it built up excitement among all the fans. The game has also lived up to its expectations, and with the leaks on Ghost of Ikishima, the excitement level has just stepped up.

The entire setting of the game was based in Japan. It turned out to be one of the games with the best visuals that left all the players in awe and appreciation of the makers of the game. The PS4’s hardware also did proper justice to the graphics and the gameplay and made the gameplay experience even better.

Now it seems that the game had not ended over there. Several leaks and rumors have signaled that a new game of the series might be in development by the Sucker Punch Studios. The previous game was an RPG with some of the best combat moves that players have seen in recent times.

Ghost of Ikishima, the rumored sequel to the Ghost of Tsushima, seems to be in development.

This news might come as a surprising one to all the fans who are interested in the game. Very recently, we saw on Twitter, Shpeshal_Nick had mentioned that the Sucker Punch Studios are developing a brand new game. This game will be based on the story, which is the after events of the conclusion of the story of Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Ikishima
Ghost of Ikishima, the sequel of Ghost of Tsushima is having its share of rumors in the market.

The people from the Sucker Punch Studios are referring to Ghost of Ikishima as an expand-alone game. The format of the game will be very similar to the Spider-Man Miles Morales game. It will be sold or instead made available separately from the regular game. In addition, Ghost of Ikishima will come with a new campaign mode and several other innovative contents for all the players to experience. Currently, they are all rumors. But if anything of this sort is actually about to happen, then it will be good news for everyone, as we have not seen a big release from Sony in 2021.

The game will be on a different archipelago knows as Ikishima. This lies off the coast of Japan and is smaller in size as compared to the Tsushima island, where the previous game was set.

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Apart from this original rumor, we do not have any more clues that could lead the excited players to believe Sony would bring out the game in the upcoming future. However, there is news about the next State of Play. This event will happen on the 8th of July. It might happen the Ghost Ikishima might get announced in this event.

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