Alone Season 8 Episode 5: Release Date and Where to Watch It Online?
Alone Season 8 Episode 5: Release Date and Where to Watch It Online?

Alone Season 8 Episode 5: Release Date and Where to Watch It Online?

Last Updated on June 26, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Alone, Season 8 Episode 5 is releasing soon. After a contestant quitting the show in the last episode, the upcoming episode will be even more interesting to watch, as their challenges keep increasing. Alone is a reality show aired weekly on History Channel. In Alone, a group of contestants faces the challenge of surviving amidst the complete wilderness. They are entirely on their own, completely isolated from the rest of the civilization. They themselves have to arrange for the two basic necessities of humankind – shelter and food. Out of these two, arranging food seems to be the greater challenge than raising a shelter for the survivalists.

When the contestants find that they can’t continue to survive in this situation anymore, they tap out of the series by making a rescue call from the emergency phone. The contestant who survives till the end walks home with a cash prize of a mind-boggling amount, $500,000.

When and where to watch Alone Season 8 Episode 5?

Alone Season 8 Episode 5 is going to be released on July 1, 2021, at 9:30 pm ET on History Channel. Alone Season 8 Episode 5 is going to be a ninety-minute episode. At a later time, Alone Season 8 Episode 5 can be watched on History’s official website. Alone Season 8 Episode 5 is also available on live streaming platforms like Fubo TV, Philo TV, Sling TV, and Direc TV. Full seasons or some episodes of the television series can also be bought and rented on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, or iTunes. Hulu subscribers can also view Alone Season 8 Episode 5 on it.

Though the contestants are left in the wilderness to fend for themselves, the production team is concerned about their safety. It is indicated by the fact that the contestants are required to carry a GPS tracker through which the producers check on them on a nightly basis. In the advanced stages of the challenge, regular medical checkups are also carried out. The participants are also allowed to carry ten items from a list of fifty acceptable items.

What makes Alone different from other survival shows is that there isn’t even a camera crew to film the experiences of the survivalists. Instead, the video footage that the viewers get to see is shot entirely by the contestants themselves. So first, cameras are provided to the contestants, with which they shoot their experiences. The hundreds of hours of footage are later collected and edited by the team of associate producers and editors, which is then presented to the viewers.

The Expected Plot of Alone Season 8 Episode 5 and a Recap of the Previous Episode.

The fourth episode of Alone Season 8 was titled “Far From Home.” It also marked the second tap out of season 8. The viewers were astounded to find out that Jordan, who had seemed to be one of the most promising survivalists, tapped out. Earlier, he kept on crafting and building quite innovative and durable shelters without taking any rest. The main reason that he kept himself so busy was that the memories of his daughter, who had died a premature death, kept haunting him every waking hour. All this was too much for him to bear. The realization that the wait of his unresolved emotional baggage was just too much to carry made him tap out and quit the show.

Meanwhile, Nate builds a Pier so that he can have access to other parts of the lake. He goes fishing and finally finds one. Coulter also manages to catch a fish for his dinner. Unfortunately, he also spots a bear on the other side of the lake while swimming, which he shoos away using bear bangers. Rose tries to survive on seaweed. Teresa has taken shelter in a cave which she has fortified with a uniform arrangement of pine and wood. She looks all set to face the harsh winter ahead.

Alone Season 8 Episode 5 is titled “The Buck.” As the name suggests, viewers are likely to get to see a bear in the winds in Alone Season 8 Episode 5. Although an official synopsis has not been released yet, it is more than expected that in Alone Season 8 Episode 5, the struggle of the four remaining members, Nate, Coulter, Rose, and Teresa, continues in the wilds. Whether they are able to go through the ordeal or is one of them going to tap out is going to be the main feature of Alone Season 8 Episode 5.

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