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The Blacklist Season 9: Renewed or Canceled? and When will Season 9 Arrive?

As season 8 of The Blacklist concludes on NBC, there have been questions about whether the show will get another season on NBC. Season 8 of The Blacklist has been a dramatic one with Liz Keen turning against her own former mentor Red and the last episode is all set to release today. With season 8 ending today, the fans wanted to know about the possibility of a Season 9 renewal of The Blacklist. So, we will discuss all the updates associated with the ninth installment today in this article.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 22 Airing Today

The Blacklist season 8 episode 22 has been titled “Konets,” which is set to release today on NBC from 8 p.m. CST hours. Episode 22 will reveal some of the biggest secrets associated with the series, such as Raymond Reddington’s identity.

I bet every viewer wants to know about Raymond Reddington’s true identity; we think it will be a massive part of the episode. But we believe that maybe he might reveal this secret to Liz. As per the synopsis of the episode, it seems it will end on a disturbing note as Liz will probably know about the identity, and he may also tell her to take over his empire and go into hiding.

And as we all know, Megan Boon will be going to exit the series well in advance; we cannot anticipate in which direction the show will move now. It seems it will end on a cliffhanger note to set up a new plot for the new season. Speaking of the finale, Boone teased that Red will ask something about Liz, which she is not fully prepared to answer, so she tries to come to terms with her moral compass despite all the terms.

The Blacklist Season 9: Renewed or Canceled? and What is the Expected Release Date?

The Blacklist will continue without its female lead; it seems because, in January 2021, NBC announced that the series would be going to return for a new season by the fall of 2021 and with Megan Boone. She plays Elizabeth Keen, leaving the series. We think the series will set another plot now, which hints that season 8 will end on a cliffhanger.

Season 8 is currently available on NBC; you can watch the finale today online from 8 p.m. on NBC. Coming to the release date of season 9 of The Blacklist, we cannot tell when will season 9 be back as NBC has already announced back in January that season 9 will be back by 2021 end so our early guesses would be September or October 2021.

Season 8 has been consistent with the ratings, getting 3.3 million viewers for each episode on average, and it is considered one of the best series with the best TRP ratings right now.

Megan Boone Leaving ‘The Blacklist’ after Season 8 Finale?

In June 2021, Deadline announced that Megan Boone would leave The Blacklist after the season 8 finale, so the series will continue without the female lead, leaving Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler and Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper behind. Boone also confirmed that season 8 would be her last, so it is unclear whether there is a chance of her return in the series in the future.

Megan Boone Leaving 'The Blacklist'
Megan Boone Leaving ‘The Blacklist’-Photo Credit-Will Hart/NBC

This news came as the show that time revealed that Liz was one of the number one on the eponymous Blacklist and Red said he was the N-12 spy she was hunting for. Boone also hinted that she is abiding by her loyalty with Cooper, Ressler, and Aram, and her bond with them is something that will never fade away no matter where her life takes her now.

Don’t forget to tune in to NBC today (23 June 2021) at 10 p.m ET/9 p.m to watch the finale. Season 1-7 of The Blacklist is also available on Netflix; if anyone hasn’t watched the series, they can start there. For season 8 episodes, they can refer to the Peacock streaming service.

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