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CMP 50HX Looks To Have Come With Difference With RTX 2080 Ti

CMP 50HX was being talked about for quite some time now, and MSI has finally launched its mining card for the CMP 50HX. NVIDIA had made its promises to bring its mining cards of CMP 30HX and CMP 40HX into the market in the first quarter of 2021. Their following plans were to bring in the mining cards of 50HX and 90HX in the following three months of time. Now that the first quarter is over, we are sure that the higher-end cards will now soon launch into the market. Finally, they have launched as well.

When announcements were made regarding the CMP HX series, there were a lot of expectations of the CMP 50HX. People thought that its specifications would be very much the same as the RTX 2080 Ti. Such thoughts had come up because both the cards were offering the same hash rate performance in the case of Ethereum mining.

NVIDIA had earlier also mentioned that the CMP HX cards would not have superior performance and hence it was not fit for having the GeForce branding on them. The CMP 50HX is one of the very first TU102 models that has featured 3584 CUDA cores. This number is lesser than the RTX 2080 Ti, which has a count of 4352 cores. This looks to be one of the most cut-down graphics cards of the TU102 models. MSI specifications state that there are around 1024 cores that are missing from the silicon. It is because of this reason that the peak performance of the card is hampered. The 11 TFLOPs bring down the performance.

CMP 50HX card has finally been launched into the market by MSI.

MSI finally launches the recent CMP HX cards.

We will also find a change in the memory specifications in the card. There is 10 GB of GDDR6 memory in the mining model. This memory lies across the interface, which is 320 bits. Thus we can see that the card is missing 1024 Mb compared to that of the RTX 2080 Ti. However, we see a lower requirement of power because the number of cores and memory capacity has been decreased. The power required is 225 Watt compared to that of the RTX 2080 Ti, which requires 250 Watt. However, the requirement of dual eight-pin power connectors has remained the same.

But if we look at the CMP 50HX from the designing point of view, we will notice many similarities with the RTZ 2080 AERO and the RTX 2080 Ti AERO. The PCB which has been used is also similar. There is a cooler which is similar to a blower-type and comes with a Plexi Window. MSI has retained the backplates, but they have totally removed the connectors with the display.

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This model would require a lot of tools, effort, and a heavy amount of knowledge to convert into a GeForce RTX gaming card. This will mostly not be possible because of the missing connectors in the display and the missing memory modules. If NVIDIA even plans to decrease the core count by such a considerable amount, then it would be mainly because these cores are not that useful or nonfunctional. So, in this case, a BIOS flashing would not work correctly. In order to overcome this limitation, there will be several other issues that have to be faced.

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