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Electronic Arts revival test has teased a reimagined version of Dead Space

During the previous weekend, an Electronic Arts IP revival test was teased. This showed that the sci-fi series Dead Space would be returning in a different way with way more horror elements. Jeff Grubb, a journalist, had first claimed about it. He mentioned that EA would be mentioning it during the EA Play Live event, which is happening today, 22nd of July 2021. This was previously referred to as the anonymous established IP, which would be revived by EA Motive Studio.

VGC and a few other outlets first picked up the story of the Electronic Arts IP revival. We can currently see Gematsu has approved this report and has confirmed that this established IPI mentioned is actually Dead Space. The Dead Space had first released way back in 2008. The third installment of the game had released in 2013, and after that, we have not seen any further installments of the game. Visceral Games, the developer of this series of the game was closed by Electronic Arts in 2017.

The Electronic Arts revival test will bring in a reimagined form of Dead Space.

Gematsu has specifically mentioned that this new version of the game will totally reimagine the series with much more elements in it. So it will not just be a sequel to the trilogy of the game, which is already there. In 2017 Visceral was closed by EA. The company had spent a couple of years developing a heist game of Star Wars which was named Ragtag. The game was developed under the guidance of a veteran game developer, Amy Hennig, who also played a big role in Uncharted. In addition, many senior developers from Dead Space made a PUBG Corporation studio which was named Striking Distance, back in 2019.

Electronic Arts revival test
Electronic Arts revival test will reimagine the game and bring it in a new form.

In 2020 we saw Striking Distance had announced a new game, which fell in the genre of sci-fi and horror, named The Callisto Protocol. This game had the capability of running head-to-head with all the game series that the developers had developed earlier. Steve Papoutsis, the chief development officer, is holding Callisto high among all the other veterans of the game Dead Space. Steve Papoutsis was the person who played a huge role in developing the EA franchise.

EA Motive Studio had released Star Wars: Squadrons during the previous year. This was the company’s first and only fully developed game. The company was formed back in 2015. some other work done by the company would be the collaboration with Battlefront 2 by DCIE. We feel that the Electronic Arts revival test brings some good reimaginations of the said game and makes it much better than what it was before.

Dead Space
We hope this new game will be filled with new new features and more sci-fi horror elements.

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In 2020 October, there was a blog post where Patrick Klaus, the GM of Motive, mentioned that the studio intends to create more games that allow the players to create, live, experiment, and share their unique personal storylines. Patrick Klaus has also mentioned that along with Star Wars: Squadrons, they are also working on several projects which have not been announced yet. Innovation is not an easy thing, but at the same time, it is equally energizing and amazing.

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