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Sony has brought beta tests on PlayStation 5 for major updates

Sony has planned to take the beta tests for the upcoming massive PlayStation 5 update. This will be the first time such a public beta testing program will take place. The company has offered to call on all the players of PlayStation 5 to join this event. This offer will be open to all the gamers who are 18 years old or older than that and living in Canada, United States, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Sony is preparing itself for a massive update and takes beta tests for its recent and very popular PlayStation 5 next-generation gaming console. The Japanese technological company has even sent many invites for the program, which is going to happen for the first time ever. However, the invites are restricted to players above the age of 18 years and only in places like Canada, United States, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and Germany. Microsoft very commonly uses this method during its Xbox Operating System releases. There are several other companies that follow this method to have a smooth launching session.

Sony brings in beta tests for the upcoming massive PlayStation 5 update.

beta tests
The company is looking for players who will participate in the event.

After the launch of the PlayStation 5, we have seen that Sony has brought in minor updates regularly. These updates aimed at bug fixes and provided stability. The update, which was planned for the month of April, had promised to provide the users to add in external storage drives along with enhanced UI features and social features. The PS5 owners are also hoping to activate their external M.2 SSDs, which could offer the same transfer speeds as that of the SSD already installed in it.

Sony has also mentioned very clearly that all the applicants will not get the opportunity in the beta tests program. There will be a huge number of applicants for sure, but they will have to stick to a small number. The applicants who will be selected for the process will have to submit feedback with their ideas. These feedbacks and ideas will then become the property of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PlayStation 5
The event will showcase some massive updates on PS5.

Another thing that Sony has mentioned is that the beta tests will run on software that can make the overall system unstable. So before signing up for the event, be prepared with this mentally because you will have to live on the edge, and your system might soon become unstable. But then, the ones who will successfully join the beta tests are going to be the first ones to receive the massive system updates that will come up during the latter half of the year.

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This shows how the company is focusing so much on its latest next-generation console. The buyers can also be relieved of the fact that they are making a worthy purchase. We will see more such updates coming on the way. Stay connected with MediaScrolls for more such insights and information about the event. It is going to be a big event for Sony and the players will have an amazing time participating in it.

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