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Loki EPisode 2

Loki Episode 2 Reveals The Biggest Plot Twist Of The Series

Loki Episode 2 has been released and has ended with probably the most exciting plot twist of the series. The latest part of the Marvel series, Loki, is on its first season and consists of six episodes. It is now available on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. The series is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

Loki Episode 2 finally revealed the identity of the other variant of Loki. After chasing the variant for so long, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, and Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, finally get to see the face behind the hood. Loki Episode 2, titled “The Variant,” is filled with surprises and has left fans eagerly waiting for the next episode. Loki Episode 2 is written by Elissa Karasik and directed by Kate Herron. Before episode 3 releases, here is a quick recap of the events in the 53 minutes long episode.

A Quick Run-Through of All the Crucial Events in Loki Episode 2.

Loki Episode 2 begins with the scene of a dress-up folk festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 1985. Hunter C-20, played by Sasha Lane, leads the Time Variance Authority (TVA) guards to detect the presence of a variant inside a large tent and jump into a portal to search for the time-variant. However, Hunter C-20 suddenly receives a tap on her forehead, and she challenges the rest of the guards to a fight. The green-colored tap and the spell prove that the variant they are looking for is a Loki variant. Furthermore, the variant steals their reset charger takes one of the officers to a different timeline.

Loki Episode 2
Loki Episode 2 Reveals The Biggest Plot Twist Of The Series

When TVA finds out about the recent events involving the variant, it is revealed that there have been many Loki versions in the past. So Loki and Mobius go to Wisconsin with the group from TVA to find out more about what happened. In Wisconsin, Loki tries to mislead the group but is unable to deceive Mobius.

In the middle of the investigation, Loki tries to escape from the TVA. Despite Loki’s betrayal, Mobius supports him before his boss, Judge Ravonna Renslayer, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Renslayer is apprehensive about the reports of Loki’s insubordinate behavior in the field, but Mobius says he is getting to learn a lot through Loki.

Loki is assigned the task of studying the Loki variants that TVA has caught in the past. While researching about Ragnarok, Loki realizes that the variant might be hiding in some doomsday-like scenario. To explain this theory to Mobius, Loki puts on tons of salt and pepper on his salad, trying to show that just before an apocalypse, anything can be done.

Mobius is not entirely convinced of Loki’s explanation. Yet Loki manages to take him to 79AD, Pompei, in Italy, just before the volcanic eruption. Despite Loki’s sadistic interferences with the locals of Pompei, Mobius sees no variance in energy, which proves Loki’s theory.

On further investigation, Loki zeroes down the variant’s location to Alabama in 2050, just before a doomsday-like event that is going to happen. Now, Mobius persuades Judge Renslayer to send a unit to that spot to catch the variant and also look for the reset chargers that the variant had stolen.

Loki and Mobius, along with Hunter B-15, start hunting for the variant in a supermarket. Here, the variant takes over Hunter B-15 and starts talking to Loki. Loki and the variant start a fight. Then, in the biggest revelation of Loki Episode 2, the identity of the other Loki variant becomes known.

When the Loki variant takes off the hood, it is found to be a Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino, who, in the credits, is named “The Variant”. The entry of the new variant, the female counterpart, puts an end to the bonding between Loki and Mobius. Loki decides to follow the new variant through the time portal when she opens the door of another timeline and escapes through it. In episode 3, the viewers are likely to get to know more about Lady Loki, while watching the new adventures of the Loki pair.

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