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Resident Evil Village Gets New Updates From Capcom

Resident Evil Village storyline will continue in a total new expansion. Capcom has made this announcement on Tuesday during its time at the E3 2021 event. There was a lot of demand for this feature, and finally, the fans will be happy to know that Capcom is bringing the developments on the additions DLC of the said game. The developers have still not provided any insight or details about the plans that it has laid out. However, they have confirmed that in the upcoming days, we will get more information about it.

Tsuyoshi Kanda, the producer of Resident Evil Village, has mentioned that there will be new features in the game which the players and fans will look forward to in the upcoming month. The producer also brought to the limelight about the multiplayer deathmatch mode of Resident Evil RE: Verse. This mode features several bioweapons and heroes whom we have seen in the Resident Evil franchise earlier. All these features will come live in July.

Capcom has mentioned that developments are being made on Resident Evil Village.

The game which had launched before Resident Evil Village in the franchise was Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. This game released a large number of add on that were based on the story after it had been released. These add on include Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Banned Footage, End of Zoe, and Not a Hero, where we will get to see Chris Redfield.

The game had released in May 2021 on platforms like PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X and S, and the Windows PC. The game provides a perfect blend of horror and action. It is a first-person horror plus survival game, where the player has to try his best and keep himself alive while killing all the zombies.

Resident Evil Village
Capcom brings in new updates for the game.

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E3 2021 has started from the 12th of June and continues till the 15th of June as a totally virtual event. Several companies like Xbox, Nintendo, Bethesda, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sega, Capcom and many others have brought in their exciting game announcements. Some of these games are totally new, which will be launched soon, while others are updates on the already existing games that have launched a couple of months back. Stay connected with MediaScrolls for more such updates on Resident Evil Village and the recent games. The E3 2021 has shown several exciting games that will launch in the upcoming times. We will keep you updated with all the exciting updates and leaks.

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