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Siri and Find My Network Get Amazing Updates on WWDC 2021 Day 2

Siri and Find My Network get some amazing updates on the second day of WWDC 2021. Apple is trying to bring in a revolutionary change in a few of its selected features. They are also making their other features even better. We will know about them as we proceed with the article.

As discussed in our master article, After yesterday’s event (WWDC 2021 Day 1), we get to know that Siri will be working on third-party devices with the help of a HomePod or even a HomePod Mini. Well, this is just not all. New updates have been brought in on the AirPods Pro for better noise cancellation and better hearing. Apple’s Find My Network will now even work and track an iPhone when they are switched off. This gives the users an assurance that they will be able to find their device even if they are stoled and switched off.

Let us proceed to know about the new updates on Siri, Find My network, and several others on WWDC 2021.

1. The third-party devices can now use Siri

Till now, we had seen that Siri was only available and exclusive for the Apple devices, but post yesterday’s event in WWDC 2021, it has been announced that third-party devices can also use them. This feature will be enabled by using the HomeKit so that the devices can accept the Hey Siri command. The user will have to have either a HomePod or a HomePod Mini for passing their voice to the third-party devices.

The HomePod devices will run on their own software, HomePod Software Version 15.0. This will allow the feature to be unlocked, and the user can then enjoy it.

2. Siri will now work Offline for selective activities

Apart from the fact the feature of using Siri is applicable on the third-party devices, now we can also make it work offline for a selected set of activities. These requests will work only on those particular applications that are already pre-loaded on the device. It includes Messaging, Phone, Sharing, Timers, Alarms, Control Audio Playback, Settings, and App Launch.

This voice assistant from Apple can now work offline and even on third-party devices

Apple will again move one step ahead from the other Android devices with such new features coming into their ecosystem. They will also focus on the privacy concerns about the unwanted audio recordings which the companies are storing for offering the voice assistants.

This new feature will be available on the devices with the A12 bionic chip and those that came after that. The user will have to download the speech models which is available in a few of the selected languages like German, English (for Canada, Australia, India, US, UK), French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Japanese.

3. New features brought in on the AirPods Pro

iOS 15 aims at enriching the user experience with new updates and features. Hence the AirPods Pro has also received some new updates, which the users are going to enjoy a lot. There is a feature called Conversation Boost, which has been introduced. If the user is in a crowded place while staying on a call, it might happen that he or she might not be able to hear properly. So Apple, through its TWS Airpods Pro, has brought in this voice isolation feature. This will keep the voice of the person in the foreground and remove the unwanted noise as much as possible.

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro also get new updates in WWDC 2021

People wearing the AirPods can ask Siri to tell them about their notifications on the device. These features were not there earlier. So slowly, Apple is bringing a revolution in all its updates. The features which have been mentioned will be applicable to the 2nd generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, and the Max versions.

4. Find My Network works even when the iPhone is switched off

Find My Network
Find My Network will now work even when your iPhone is switched off.

Find My Network, even in the offline mode, is something that is going to impress each and every user. They can be assured about the security of their device now. Suppose the user is not finding his iPhone and has very little charge, or someone has stolen the device and switched it off, then Find My Network will help the user by tracking the device’s location.

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