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Outer Banks Season 2 Teaser Trailer Released Series is Set For July 30 Release.

With much wait, Netflix finally released a teaser of Outer Banks Season 2 and revealed the premiere date to July 30. It is a comic coming-of-age story set in North Carolina beach’s coastal town, where there is a social divide between the wealthy people and the working-class locals. They are known as Kooks and Pogues. The show follows the story of pogue teens who live at The cut and are determined to find what happened to the group’s ringleader’s missing father and how they have discovered a missing treasure in connection with group leader John B’s father.

Now chased by the law and Kooks, they will have overcome the obstacles such as drugs, love fighting, money, friendships, and disenfranchisement of being an American teenager.

The show was on the list of Netflix’s June release now; they have officially revealed the teaser trailer of the series; here it is.


After the cliffhanger ending of season 1, John B’s near-death escape last season, he and Sarah are now on the run. Unfortunately, the new friends also bring in new enemies as they are back on the way to find gold. The stake for this time is around $4oo million, and what happens next? Will the group reunite for a new mission? Well, we will know soon; we need to wait for July 30th.

Season 2 will be going to feature cast and crew members like never before. In a joint statement, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke have said that they have turned up the dial for everything fans loved about season 1 of Outer Banks, and this time more romance, mystery, thrill, and risk will be on the stake. Season 2 will be filled with be a full-throttle action-packed season with more adventure and action. They have also promised the fans that it would be a wild ride “Back in the G game, baby.”

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