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Loki Episode 1 Proves This Series Is One Of The Best From Marvel

Loki Episode 1 has already been released today. The show creates a fun-filled path ahead for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many people felt that Loki would have been an odd choice for making a spin-off as he had died in Avengers: Endgame. This series totally deals with the alternative version of Loki. He had escaped in 2012 after the Battle, which took place in New York.

Many people are considering that this show will be the best Marvel project to date, with Loki Episode 1 already being available to watch on Disney+. The fans will get to know more about the God of Mischief, and this show will set up an amazing path ahead for Phase Four of the MCU.

After WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki comes as the third series from the MCU. After watching Loki Episode 1, we can say that this show will be way more fun than the other two shows that have already been released. There are witty comments, many laughing factors, and other exciting things that the show has in store for us.

Details on Loki Episode 1 (Spoilers ahead)

The first episode starts with Loki reaching Mongolia after getting hold of the Tesseract in the Battle of New York. This particular scene was shown in Avengers: Endgame. After this, the police officers from the Time Variance Authority appeared on the scene to arrest Loki. They considered him one of the main timeline variants that the universe was actually existing in. These officers planned to get hold of Loki and disintegrate him as he was not the original version but just a variant in a different timeline.

Loki Episode 1 again shows how charming Loki is and how he can talk his way out of any situation. So he somehow manages to remain in the TVA. There he meets Agent Morbius, played by Owen Wilson, and plans together to meet another of Loki’s variants which has been moving through the timelines and killing the TVA officers. So this variant is just another Loki. Hence you all can understand how funny the show is going to get as it proceeds.

Both Morbius and Loki share amazing chemistry on screen. The show goes on, getting filled with fun elements. The storyline will never bore you despite being a bit weird and not like what we see in Marvel. The episode will run for 51 minutes, and not a single minute will be boring. Loki and Morbius talk about his past, different timelines, and the multiverse. The show does not make us think a lot. Everything is explained and portrayed very easily.

Loki Episode 1 gives a recap of the MCU story and Loki’s events as well. This seems perfect for the viewers who have not watched anything in the MCU earlier and are watching this series. The path that this recap builds for the story to continue is really impressive. The viewers would not want to miss it at all. There are several mentions of the words multiverse and madness. These terms are very familiar for the MCU fans because Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness will be releasing soon.

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As the first episode ends, it will leave everyone begging for the next episode to come ASAP. Everything seems perfect, neither too much nor too less. But, it will provide the viewers a new experience altogether. This is exactly what we would want from an MCU project, even after being the third in this year.

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