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WWDC 2021 Brings in iOS 15 On The First day

The first day at WWDC 2021 has brought in several new updates and features on the iOS 15. We have discussed them in our master article, where you will get several details of the event. Earlier, there were a lot of talks and leaks about it. Many of them have proved to be true. In addition, Apple has brought in several updates in the iMessage and FaceTime. iOS 15 will be available on phones starting from iPhone 6s to the ones that have launched after it.

An important feature that the WWDC 2021 did not mention separately, but was visible in the keynote presentation, is the Hindi language’s support. This will appear in the QuickPath Swipe Keyboard in iOS.

Let us discuss some of the new features that iOS 15 has brought in for us.

1. New features in FaceTime

From the previous year, we are facing a really tough situation staying locked at home away from our mates. However, Apple has now decided to make this more spontaneous with the new features that it has brought in. FaceTime calls will be made more comfortable and even more natural with the feature of the spatial audio. While you are in a call, you will feel as if the person on the other side of the call is sitting right in front of you and talking to you. When you are attending a group chat, then the voices will spread out. These small intricate details have been put in to enrich the user experience.

iOS 15
New FaceTime features.

The feature of voice isolation in iOS 15 blocks all the ambient noises and prioritizes the voices of the people on the call. However, if the user wants all the sounds to come through, they can select the Wide-Spectrum Mode. This will allow them to get or even send all the ambient noises. In addition, there is a portrait mode option in the FaceTime calls, which will enable the user to blur their background.

FaceTime users in iOS 15 can now generate links, which can be sent to others for an invitation. Users of Android or even on PC can use this link to join the calls. These calls are all end-to-end encrypted, so privacy has been taken care of.

2. New features in iMessage

iOS15 brings in new features for iMessage, which lets the users find photos, articles, and other things that had been shared earlier, either in group chats or even in chats. Apple Music, Apple News, Safari, Photos, Podcasts, and several other applications will show the Shared With You section.

iOS 15
New features on iMessage only on iOS 15

Apple Music also showcases the playlist which has been shared. The Photos will showcase the media which has been shared in the memories or in the featured section. The user can pin the shared media for easier retrieval.

3. New features in Notifications and Focus

iOS15 has brought in a totally new look with the notifications. The notifications will show the contact photos of the people in a larger icon format so that it becomes easy for the user. We can schedule a new notification summary which lets us deal with the notifications that are not so important. This will not apply to messages sent from other contacts. This will only be for the unimportant applications on the device.

If the user keeps the DND mode, then an away status will be displayed in the Messages application. If anyone sends the user an iMessage, then the sender will see that the user has not been notified at the moment because he or she has switched on the DND mode.

4. New features in Photos

Now Live Text can easily be detected and extracted from the images. The feature allows information to be captured from a whiteboard and even get some handwritten notes. Some important information like phone number, name, recipes, important instructions can be searched and translated. The images in the library can be scanned automatically. The iOS 15 understands several languages, including Chinese. It has the intelligence to detect a kind of a flower, a breed of a dog, some renowned artworks and paintings, and several other features.

5. New features on Search

The Spotlight in iOS 15 allows searching text and photos that are inside an image. These photos are given references to scenes, people, location, and the other necessary elements.

iOS 15
New Search features on iOS 15

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On searching for actors, tv shows, musicians, and movies, the users will be able to get hold of rich results after this new update. For example, while searching for a contact, the user will be shown with all the history with the contact, like calls, texts, email shortcuts, FaceTime, notes where the contact has been tagged, and several others.

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