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Realme GT 5G with Snapdragon 888 will be available in Europe for just €549

As per the latest reports by Verge, the Realme GT 5G equipped with Snapdragon 888 flagship phone is coming to Europe and will be available for €549 or $670 for the variant with 12GB of RAM/256GB ROM. According to the company website, the phone will be available for just €549 or $670, which is the cheapest Snapdragon 888 available to date; even Xiaomi’s Mi 11 costs approximately €749 or ~$910 for the 8GB / 128GB model.

As per the updates from Realme, the Realme GT 5G Snapdragon 888 flagship model will be shipped to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Portugal soon; However, these markets are not currently open for placing the order, and it will be launched very soon as indicated by the company.

Realme also announced a Chinese version of the Realme GT flagship back in March, which cost around 2,799 yuan($440) for 8GB / 128GB. In addition, Madhav Seth, Realme’s Indian and European business CEO, confirmed that Realme GT 5G would get a global launch in June 2021- a performance-focused flagship model in June 2021 and a camera-focused flagship model in July.

Although it is still unclear what the differences will be specifications-wise between the models that will launch in Europe, the Chinese model of GT had a 64-megapixel primary camera with an 8-megapixel ultrawide 2-megapixel macro sensor. So as per our assumptions, there is plenty of room for improvement for the camera flagship, which will be done before the Europe launch. Coming to the rest of the specifications of  Realme GT 5G, the Chinese version had a 6.43-inch screen with a 120 Hz OLED Display, 12GB RAM/256GB ROM, and 4500 mAh battery power, along with a 65 watt of fast charging option.

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