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Ragnarok Season 3: Has it been Renewed for a Third Season Yet?
Ragnarok Season 3: Has it been Renewed for a Third Season Yet?

Ragnarok Season 3: Has it been Renewed for a Third Season Yet?

Ragnarok Season 3 is arriving in mid of 2022, will also have 6 episodes to show.

As the Ragnarok Season 2 just concluded recently, now the fans are pretty excited to know if there a possibility of Ragnarok getting a renewal for Season 3. As we know, the second season was released in May 2021 by Netflix. It’s built upon a modern Norse myth story of Magne and a clumsy teen incarnated as Thor. We should keep in mind that Ragnarok is different from Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok.

The show has a storyline that mixes Norse myth, environmental issues with high school drama. Set in the imaginary city of Norway named Edda, there’s a clan of giants, the Jutul family, who are a threat to anyone trying to investigate their company. So the second season was about Magne, played by David Stakston, struggling with his new responsibility as Thor, in the background of an upcoming tussle between gods and giants. The second season had a mind-blowing finale, and now Season 3 will mainly show the final war, how Magne and his half-brother Laurits tackle the giants.

Ragnarok Season 3: Release Date

As of now, there hasn’t been any official nod about the third season of Ragnarok from Netflix, and it’s quite early. Usually, the wait is a few weeks for renewals to be announced, so it’s not out of chance that Ragnarok will get the third season. Indeed, there hasn’t been much great critical response for the show. Netflix will make the ultimate decision based on viewers.

The first season was released in January 2020, and the second one just a year and a half later. So anyway, chances of Ragnarok 3 arriving in mid-2022. After the post-pandemic situation gets easy, the production works will once again start. As per convention, Ragnarok 3 will also have 6 episodes to show, with most cast members reprising their roles.

Ragnarok 3 Plot: What can we expect from Season 3?

Ragnarok 3
Ragnarok 3 Updates

Ragnarok 3 will feature what season 2 has been culminating up to, and also the titular event of Ragnarok. Laurits or Loki has become a good ally for fighting the giants since he is comfortable in both the skins of his unique self: god and the giant. In addition, Magne regained his powers by faking Mjölnir.

For has arrived as a substitute for his father and abandoned the Jutuls to form a relationship with a human. The third season will most probably deal more with the snake with which Loki gave birth. It was believed to be a tapeworm and more like an incarnation of Jörmungandr, also the main enemy of Magne in Norse myth. Till then, fans need to wait for the announcement of the third season from Netflix. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls for more such exciting news.

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